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    Your name: Alice Olympia Autumn

    Age. Roll the dice
    3. 21

    Where did you grow up?
    Savannah, Georgia

    Your parents/guardians. Roll the dice
    Mom & Dad

    What are their names?
    Sarah Rose & Hector Elliott

    Your siblings. Roll the dice
    1 brother

    What are their names?
    Arlo James

    Where are you going to college?
    Mercer University

    What are you majoring in?

    What are you aspiring to become?

    DH's name: Magnus Jared Gold

    His age. Roll the dice.
    5. 24

    Where is/did he going to college?
    Tulane University

    What is/did he major in?

    What is he aspiring to become?
    Honestly he’s not quite sure, he just finds neuroscience fascinating.

    Where/how did you & DH meet? Roll the dice.
    2. In a cafe

    How long did you & DH date for before getting engaged? Roll the dice
    3. 2 years

    How did DH propose? Roll the dice
    3. On Christmas Day, with the ring wrapped in a box under the tree

    Your wedding. Roll the dice.
    5. In a hotel with a party in the ballroom

    Your honeymoon. Roll the dice.
    5. Greece

    Where do you decide to settle down?
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    Your home. Roll the dice.
    5. Colonial house

    How many times do you get pregnant? Roll the dice (1-6) (Go as many times as you roll)

    Pregnancy #1. Roll the dice.
    2. A girl
    Charlotte Ophelia Gold

    Pregnancy #2. Roll the dice.
    5. Boy/girl twins
    Quinn Lucius & Beatrice Wendy

    Pregnancy #3. Roll the dice.
    1. A boy
    Lachlan Arthur

    Pets. Roll the dice.
    Odd: Cat

    Alice & Magnus


    Quinn & Bea



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    My results!

    Your name: Scarlett Michelle Wood (nee Harris)

    2. 20

    Where did you grow up? Birmingham, England

    6. Foster parents

    Your siblings.
    1. A brother & a sister

    His name is Sebastian Michael Harris
    Her name is Summer Madison Harris

    Where are you going to college? Oxford

    What are you majoring in? Creative Writing

    What are you aspiring to become? An Author

    DH's name: Matthew Alexander Wood

    His age.
    4. 23

    Where is/did he going to college? He went to Cambridge

    What is/did he major in? Animal Caring

    What is he aspiring to become? Vet

    Where/how did you & DH meet?
    6. Your choice of the above or another situation-through my older brother

    After college, what is your occupation? Waitress

    His occupation? Teacher

    How long did you & DH date for before getting engaged?
    2. 1 year

    How did DH propose?
    5. On Valentine's Day, the ring slipped into a box of chocolates

    Your wedding.
    2. Large, expensive, & flashy

    Your honeymoon.
    3. Bahamas

    Where do you decide to settle down? Birmingham

    Your home.
    3. Mansion

    How many times do you get pregnant? 2

    Pregnancy #1.
    3. Twin boys

    His name is Flynn Matthew Wood
    His name is Luke Alexander Wood

    Pregnancy #2.
    4. Twin girls

    Her name is Amber Scarlett Wood
    Her name is Eva Michelle Wood

    How many times do you adopt? 3

    Adoption #1.
    3. 1 girl

    Her name is Lily Olivia Wood
    She is adopted from England

    3. 1 girl

    Her name is Jasmine Elizabeth
    She is adopted from Australia

    4. 1 boy

    His name is Isaac William Wood
    He is adopted from Canada

    Odd: Cat

    His name is Oliver

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    My Name is Rosetta Jane Migneco. I am 24, and I grew up in Boston, MA. I grew up with a mom and a dad. Their names are Zio and Regina Migneco. I have one sister named Emilia Louise Grey. I attended Boston University, majoring in communications disorders to become a certified ASL Interpreter.

    His name is Dominic Milo Zotta and he's 24 as well. He left Boston University after freshman year to become a pilot. We met through our mutual friend, Lizzie Solz. I have known Lizzie since we were nine years old, and Lizzie met Dominic in class; they were both majoring in Graphic Design before Dominic left to become a pilot. Both Dominic and I became what we were hoping to be. He is now a pilot and I am an interpreter. We dated for three years before he proposed on New Year's Eve, as the clock stuck midnight. We had a traditional wedding, in a church with family and friends, and then we left for our honeymoon in Italy. We returned and settled down in a Colonial Home.

    Over the years I would get pregnant six times. Our first pregnancy resulted in twin boys, named Lorenzo Bello Zotta and Alonzo "Al" Carlo Zotta. Shortly after the boys turned three, we welcomed twin girls called Carlotta Ariana and Agnella "Ella" Emilia. Pregnancy number three brought a boy, Cedro "Ced" Donati. At this point, Lorenzo and Al were 5 and Carlotta and Ella were 2. Ced had just turned 1 when we welcomed Eleanora "Nora" Concetta. Nora was a month from celebrating her 4th birthday when we had Herberto "Berto" Gianni. Now, Lorenzo and Al were 10, Carlotta and Ella were 7, Ced was 6, Nora was almost 4, and with Berto, we were complete. Berto was 3 when I went to the doctor's office and found I was pregnant- with triplets. We welcomed Fillippa Hagne, Gabriela "Gaby" Enrica, and Emilio "Milio" Zio. At this point, 'Zo and Al were 13, Lotta and Ella were 10, Ced was 9, Nora was 6, Berto was 3, and Fillipa, Gaby, and Milio were happy and healthy.

    Our kids grew up. Fillipa, Gaby, and Milio went off to college. Meaning: All of our babies were adults. Lorenzo and Al were 31. Both of them were married and Al already brought us our first grandbaby- Regina Migneco Zotta, named for my mother. Carlotta was married and focusing on her career as an audiologist. Ella, also married, had her degree in Communications, but was busy raising her 3-year-old twins, Ellis and Elmo, and preparing for the baby on the way. Ced had a wife, baby on the way, and a job he loves as a vet. Nora was just starting out at her job in California as a graphic designer, and her wedding date is set for next year. Berto, Fillipa, Gaby, and Emilio were all in school and our house was empty. We decided to adopt to fill the empty nest. We ended up adopting 5 times.

    Our first adoption was a 3 year old boy from Italy. His name is Marco Simone. Marco turned 4 when we completed our adoption from Chile, 2 boys, named Armando Luis and Javier David. They were the same age as Marco. So we had three-four year olds. The boys turned 6 when we adopted a newborn boy from Colorado. His name was Joseph Kennedy. We did not pick his name, but we love Joey all the same. We then adopted a three-year-old girl named Petra Nadine from Germany. Now, Marco, Armando, and Javi were 7, and Joey was 2. We then adopted 11-year old boys from the US Named Jacob Easton and Henry James. Our new 11-year-olds joined three ten-year-olds, a six-year-old, and a five-year-old

    And Jacob, Henry, Marco, Armando, Javi, Petra, and Joey grew up, like children tend to do. Dominic and I are older than old now, but we've got our loyal tabby cat, Sally to keep us company.

    The End

    The Zotta's

    Dominic Milo Zotta
    Rosetta Jane Migneco-Zotta

    Lorenzo Bello
    Alonzo "Al" Carlo
    Carlotta Ariana
    Agnella "Ella" Emilia
    Cedro "Ced" Donati
    Eleanora "Nora" Concetta
    Herberto "Berto" Gianni
    Fillippa Hagne
    Gabriela "Gaby" Enrica
    Emilio "Milio" Zio

    Jacob Easton
    Henry James
    Marco Simone
    Armando Luis
    Javier David
    Joseph "Joey" Kennedy
    Petra Nadine

    Sally the Cat

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    YOU: Caitlin Paige
    Age: 24

    Hometown: Nashville, TN

    Guardians: Grandparents- Patricia & Allen

    Siblings: Brother- Hunter

    College: MTSU
    Major: Wildlife
    Aspiring to Become: Wildlife Resource Officer

    DH: William Nicholas
    Age: 25

    College: MTSU
    Major: Wildlife
    Aspiring to Become: Wildlife Resource Officer

    How We Met: Fishing Tournament

    My Occupation: WRO
    DH Occupation: WRO

    How Long Did We Date Before Getting Engaged: 1 Year
    Proposal: New Years Eve, Midnight

    Wedding: Large, Expensive, & Flashy
    Honeymoon: Bahamas

    Settled Down In: Rawlins, Wyoming
    House: Victorian House

    # of Pregnancies: 6

    DD: Caroline Eilish
    DD: Fallon Margaret
    DS: Slade Hollis
    DS: Killian Braxton
    DS: Finley Walker
    DS: Tucker Angus

    Adoptions: 2

    DD/DD: Aspen Rhys, Teagan Marie
    DD/DS: Brogan Elizabeth, Gauge Jackson

    Pet: Dog-Black & Tan Coon Hound: Beau
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    Current Favorites
    Boys: Gunnar Brooks, Slade Hollis, Killian Braxton, Finley Walker, Tucker Angus
    Girls: Caroline Eilish, Rileigh Jordyn, Brogan Elizabeth, Fallon Margaret, McCaughlie Greer

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    YOU: Shelby Ryanne
    Age: 20

    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    Guardians: Grandparents - Henry & Dana

    Siblings: 2 sisters - McKenzie Grace & Emily Anne

    College: Western Kentucky University (WKU)
    Major: Mass Communications
    Aspiring to Be: Public Relations Representative

    DH: Adam James
    Age: 20

    College: WKU
    Major: Mass Communications
    Aspring to Be: Journalist

    How We Met: Football Game

    My Occupation: PR Rep
    His Occupation: Journalist

    Engaged After: 2 years
    Proposal: On Anniversary, in the spot that we met

    Wedding: Large, Expensive, Flashy
    Honeymoon: Greece

    Settle Down In: Los Angeles, CA
    House: Suburban House

    # of Pregnancies: 6

    DS: Beckham "Beck" Reed
    DD: Arden Faith
    DD: Harper Grace
    DD: Hollis McKenzie
    DS: Archer William
    DS: Holden Cade
    DS: Maxwell "Max" James

    # of Adoptions: 1

    DD: Avery Kate

    Family Pet: Dog
    Breed: Husky
    Name: Denali
    Currently Loving:
    Kanon Jude, Noah Kai, Killian Grey, & Finley Clark
    Piper Grace, Jolie Cadence, Hadley Kate, & Harper Noelle

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