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    Your name: Abigail "Abbey" Hope

    3. 21

    Where did you grow up? Racine, Wisconsin

    Your parents/guardians. Roll the dice
    2. Single mom
    What are their names?
    Dannelle Lyn

    Your siblings. Roll the dice
    5. 2 sisters
    What are their names?
    Sarah Rose & Alexandra Nicole

    Where are you going to college? Boston College

    What are you majoring in? pre-med

    What are you aspiring to become? pediatric surgeon

    DH's name: Nathaniel Elijah

    His age. Roll the dice.
    5. 24

    Where is/did he going to college? UMass Amherst

    What is/did he major in? pre-law

    What is he aspiring to become? lawyer

    Where/how did you & DH meet? Roll the dice.
    5. Through a family member - Alexandra's friend from school

    After college, what is your occupation? surgeon

    His occupation? lawyer

    How long did you & DH date for before getting engaged? Roll the dice
    1. 6 months

    How did DH propose? Roll the dice
    4. On New Year's Eve, as the clock strikes midnight

    Your wedding. Roll the dice.
    1. Traditional in a church with friends & family

    Your honeymoon. Roll the dice.
    6. Your choice - Edinburgh, Scotland

    Where do you decide to settle down? Milwaukee, WI

    Your home. Roll the dice.
    5. Colonial house

    How many times do you get pregnant? 5

    Pregnancy #1. Roll the dice.
    5. Boy/girl twins
    Anastasia "Ana" Makova & Misha Castiel

    Pregnancy #2. Roll the dice.
    6. Your choice or above or more - a girl
    Cassia "Cas" Violet

    Pregnancy #3. Roll the dice.
    1. A boy
    Lennox Elijah

    Pregnancy #4. Roll the dice.
    6. Your choice of above or more - twin girls
    Alexis "Lexi" Hope & Hannah Danielle

    Pregnancy #5. Roll the dice.
    6. Your choice of above or more - B/B/G triplets
    Gabriel "Gabe" Joseph, Josiah Daniel, & Mason Amelia

    How many times do you adopt? Roll the dice - 6

    Adoption #1. Roll the dice.
    2. 2 children - 1 boy, 1 girl
    Mckenna Faith & Jackson Bradey

    Adoption #2. Roll the dice.
    4. 1 boy
    Noah Jensen

    Adoption #3. Roll the dice.
    5. 2 girls
    Catriona "Cate" Nicole & Caroline "Callie" Dianna

    Adoption #4. Roll the dice.
    1. 1 child. Boy
    Jerrod Everett

    Adoption #5. Roll the dice.
    3. 1 girl
    Aspen Sofia

    Adoption #6. Roll the dice.
    2. 2 children. 1 boy, 1 girl
    Charlotte Abigail & James Kieran

    Pets. Roll the dice.
    Even: Dog

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