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    Your name: (Lindsay Laurel)

    Age. Roll the dice
    3. 21

    Where did you grow up? (Dallas)

    Your parents/guardians. Roll the dice
    2. Single mom

    What are their names? Diana Danielle

    Your siblings. Roll the dice
    1. A brother & a sister

    What are their names? Michael Matthew & Emily Elizabeth

    Where are you going to college? (Texas A & M)

    What are you majoring in? (Education)

    What are you aspiring to become? (Waldorf Teacher)

    DH's name: (Dean Michael)

    His age. Roll the dice.
    5. 24

    Where is/did he going to college? (Texas A & M)

    What is/did he major in? (Chemistry)

    What is he aspiring to become? (Pharmacist)

    Where/how did you & DH meet? Roll the dice.
    1. Through a mutual friend (My BFF Joe)

    After college, what is your occupation? (your choice)

    His occupation? (your choice)

    How long did you & DH date for before getting engaged? Roll the dice
    5. 4 years

    How did DH propose? Roll the dice
    1. On the anniversary of the day you two met, at the exact same spot you met

    Your wedding. Roll the dice.
    3. Small, intimate, & personal

    Your honeymoon. Roll the dice.
    3. Bahamas

    Where do you decide to settle down? (Dallas)

    Your home. Roll the dice.
    5. Colonial house

    How many times do you get pregnant? Roll the dice (1-6) (6)

    Pregnancy #1. Roll the dice.
    6. Your choice or above or more Boy/Boy/Boy Triplets
    Names? Dean Michael Jr , Emmett Blair, & DominicNicoMatthew

    Pregnancy #2. Roll the dice.
    3. Twin boys
    Names? Liam Ross & Jensen Elliot

    Pregnancy #3. Roll the dice.
    2. A girl
    Names? VictoriaToriEleanor

    Pregnancy #4. Roll the dice.
    5. Boy/girl twins
    Names? CharlesCharlieAndrew & Charlotte Adele

    Pregnancy #5. Roll the dice.
    1. A boy
    Names? Channing August

    Pregnancy #6. Roll the dice.
    4. Twin girls
    Names? Anniston Claire & Autumn Skye

    How many times do you adopt? Roll the dice (1-6) (6l)

    Adoption #1. Roll the dice.
    1. 1 child. Boy or girl? you choose
    Names? Chloe Sophia

    Adoption #2. Roll the dice.
    6. 2 boys
    Names? Gabriel Joseph & Henry Joel

    Adoption #3. Roll the dice.
    2. 2 children. Your choice
    Names? Naomi Estella & Bridget Molly

    Adoption #4. Roll the dice.
    5. 2 girls
    Names? Catherine Sienna & PhilippaPippaJillian

    Adoption #5. Roll the dice.
    5. 2 girls
    Names? Indigo Rose & Ada Kateri

    Adoption #6. Roll the dice.
    6. 2 boys
    Names? Asa Vincent & WesleyWesShane

    Pets. Roll the dice.
    Odd: Cat
    Name? Apache

    THE END!
    Hope you have fun!

    ♥ Clara Dean Lucy Dominic ♡

    Feel free to ask me anything about saints names

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