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    Duggar Initial Name Game

    Despite all of their controversies over the last couple years, I am still fascinated by the Duggar's names. I guess because the thought of having 19 kids to name is a name lover's dream (or worst nightmare!) In the wake of Jessa (Duggar) Seewald announcing the name of her second son, Henry Wilberforce Seewald, today, I thought it'd be interesting to see what people would come up with using their initials. I'm sure this has been done before but I think it has been a while! Feel free to reverse the first/middle initials to make the name flow better if you want (or if you don't want 19 kids starting with J!)

    Last Name: D

    Husband/Father/Grandfather: JR
    Wife/Mother/Grandmother: MA, nee R

    Son 1: JJ
    Wife: AR, nee K
    Granddaughter 1: MR
    Grandson 1: MJ
    Grandson 2: MA
    Granddaughter 2: MG

    Daughter 1: JM
    S2: J-D

    D2: JM
    Married Surname: D
    Husband: DM
    GS3: ID
    GS6: Not named yet, your pick!

    D3: JL
    Married Surname: S
    H: BM
    GS4: SE
    GS5: HW

    D4: JN
    Married Surname: V
    Husband: J (Your pick on middle initial)

    S3: JG
    S4: JM
    D5: J-A

    S5: JR
    S6: JR

    S7: JM
    S8: JA
    S9: JS
    S10: JL
    D6: JF
    D7: JD
    D8: J-GM
    D9: JB

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    Last Name: Davis

    Husband/Father/Grandfather: Jasper Roan
    Wife/Mother/Grandmother: Miriam Anouk, nee Rowland

    Son 1: Jameson John
    Wife: Alice Rachel, nee Kerr
    Granddaughter 1: Mabel Ruth
    Grandson 1: Matthias John
    Grandson 2: Myles Anderson
    Granddaughter 2: Miriam Gray

    Daughter 1: Jane Matilda
    S2: John-David

    D2: Josephine Molly
    Married Surname: Donaldson
    Husband: Dillon Matthew
    GS3: Isaac Davis
    GS6: Peter Matthew

    D3: Julia Lorraine
    Married Surname: Sinclair
    H: Bryce Martin
    GS4: Samuel Edward
    GS5: Heath Warren

    D4: Nora Judith
    Married Surname: Vincent
    Husband: Jacob Philip

    S3: Joseph Graham
    S4: Jude Matthew
    D5: Audrey-June

    S5: Roan Jackson
    S6: Rhys Jasper

    S7: Malachi James
    S8: Abraham "Brahm" Joshua
    S9: Silas Jett
    S10: Leo Julian
    D6: Fiona Joy
    D7: Danica Jazz
    D8: Jillian-Grace Miranda
    D9: Beth Juliet

    Jasper & Miriam Davis and their children/grandchildren:

    Jamie & Alice Davis, Mabel, Matthias, Myles and Miriam; Jane; John-David; Josie & Dillon Donaldson, Isaac and Peter; Julia & Bryce Sinclair, Sam and Heath; Nora & Jacob Vincent; Joey; Jude; Audrey; Roan; Rhys; Mal; Braham; Silas; Leo; Fiona; Danica; Jill and Beth.

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    Last Name: Dunn

    Husband/Father/Grandfather: Jett Rocco Dunn
    Wife/Mother/Grandmother: Mary Alice

    S1: Jacob John
    Wife: Addison Rose
    Granddaughter 1: Matilda Rose
    Grandson 1: Mackson John
    Grandson 2: Milo Atticus
    Granddaughter 2: Mary Grace

    D1: Justine Mae
    S2: Jackson Daniel

    D2: Johannah Marie
    Married Surname: Dallas
    Husband: Dustin Max
    GS3: Isaiah Dylan
    GS6: Nolan Scott

    D3: Jeanie Louise
    Married Surname: Scotland
    H: Bodhi Michael
    GS4: Silas Eli
    GS5: Harrison West

    D4: Juliette Noel
    Married Surname: Van der Woodsen
    Husband: Jedediah Ford

    S3: Judah Greyson
    S4: Jagger Miles
    D5: Jade Alivia

    S5: Jeb Ryan
    S6: Jeff Reed

    S7: Jayden Matthew
    S8: Jonah Andrew
    S9: Jeremiah Scott
    S10: Jasper Luke
    D6: James Franco
    D7: Josephine Day
    D8: Jourdan-Grace Maude
    D9: Julianna Belle
    what's meant to be, will always find it's way

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    Last Name: Damon

    Husband/Father/Grandfather: John Reginald
    Wife/Mother/Grandmother: Mae Anastasia, nee Rupert

    Son 1: John Jericho
    Wife: Alice Rose, nee Kingsley
    Granddaughter 1: Mary Rose
    Grandson 1: Malcolm John
    Grandson 2: Miles August
    Granddaughter 2: Margaret Grace

    Daughter 1: Julia Marigold
    S2: James-David

    D2: Jolene Millicent
    Married Surname: Davis
    Husband: Desmond Mark
    GS3: Isaac Desmond
    GS6: Levi Reginald

    D3: Jemima Lane
    Married Surname: Swan
    H: Beau Matthias
    GS4: Samson Elias
    GS5: Hosea Wallace

    D4: Jewel Naomi
    Married Surname: Vance
    Husband: Joseph Lewis

    S3: Josiah Gideon
    S4: Joel Malachi
    D5: Jed-Arthur

    S5: Jasper Roman
    S6: Jethro Rupert

    S7: Julius Max
    S8: Jude Alfred
    S9: Jeremiah Seth
    S10: Justus Luke
    D6: Jane Felicity
    D7: Jillian Daphne
    D8: Jenny-Grace Marion
    D9: Jacqueline Belle

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    LN: Devereux

    Husband/Father/Grandfather: Julius Rupert
    Wife/Mother/Grandmother: Margot Araminta, nee Riddle

    Son 1: Jameson Jupiter
    Wife: Arabella Ravenna, nee Kingsley
    Granddaughter 1: Matilda Rowena
    Grandson: Montgomery James (Monty)
    Grandson 2: Moses Alaric (Moe)
    Granddaughter 2: Magnolia Gemma

    Daughter 1: Juniper Maxine (Juno)
    S2: Judd-Dashiell (Dash)

    D2: Johanna Minerva (Joey)
    Married Surname: Darling
    Husband: Dominic Matthew (Nico)
    GS3: Ira Declan
    GS6: August Nicholas (Gus)

    D3: Josephine Lyra (Posey)
    Married Surname: Snow
    H: Bellamy Magnus
    GS4: Simon Edmund
    GS5: Hugo Willoughby

    D4: Juliet Nicole (Jett)
    Married Surname: Vaughn
    Husband: Jude Caspian

    S3: Jarvis Gideon
    S4: Joshua Miles (Joss)
    D5: Jane-Adelaide (Lady)

    S5: Jethro Rufus (Rowe)
    S6: Jarrett Ronan (Rhett)

    S7: Jack Malachi
    S8: Jeremy Asher
    S9: Jedidiah Sebastian (Jed)
    S10: Jasper Leander
    D6: Jemima Freya (Mimi)
    D7: Jessamine Delphine
    D8: Joy-Genevieve Maeve
    D9: Jolene Beatrix (Lena)

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