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    Your name: Trisha Eleanor Gadberry

    Age: 20

    Where did you grow up? Everett, Washington

    Your parents/guardians: Mom & Dad
    What are their names? Leon Sidney Wood & Abbigail Elowen Wood

    Your siblings: 2 sisters
    What are their names? Hermione Elin Wood & Elizabeth Wood

    Where are you going to college? Seattle University

    What are you majoring in? Nursing

    What are you aspiring to become? Geriatrics Nurse (nurse for elders)

    DH's name: Peyton William Gadberry

    His age: 22

    Where is he going to college? University of Washington (Seattle)

    What is/did he major in? Dentistry

    What is he aspiring to become? An orthodontist

    Where/how did you & DH meet? At a fundraiser for his sister's high school

    After college, what is your occupation? Geriatrics Nurse

    His occupation? Dentist

    How long did you & DH date for before getting engaged? 5 years

    How did DH propose? On Valentine's Day, the ring slipped into a box of chocolates

    Your wedding: In a hotel with a party in the ballroom

    Your honeymoon: Bahamas

    Where do you decide to settle down? Seattle

    Your home: Suburban house

    How many times do you get pregnant? 2

    Pregnancy #1: Twin girls
    Names? Bethany Christine & Breana Jade

    Pregnancy #2: A girl
    Names? Heidi Reece

    How many times do you adopt? 1

    Adoption #1: 1 child. Boy.
    Names? Malcolm Filip

    Pets: 6
    Dog: Oscar (m)
    Dog: Allie (f)
    Dog: Teekee (f)
    Cat: The General (m)
    Cat: Ringo (m)
    Cat: Angel (f)
    A sixteen year old name addict.

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    Your name is Kate Elaine Jackson and you're 19 years old. You were raised by your maternal grandparents, Dolly & Eustace, after both of your parents passed away in a car accident when you were 4.

    You have 2 sisters, one older and one younger. Your older sister, Tiffany Rose, is 21, and your younger sister, Megan Sybil, is 17.

    You attend the University of Chicago and are majoring in pediatric medicine. You dream of becoming a Pediatrician.

    You met George Hamish Bell, a 24-year-old student, at the beach while you were out with your friends. He goes to the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and is majoring in Clinical Psychology. He hopes to work with children from broken homes.

    You date George for a year before he proposes. On Valentine's Day, he slips the ring into a box of chocolates. You accept, and the two of you move in together a month later.

    8 months after becoming engaged, you marry George in a small, intimate backyard ceremony which your grandfather proudly caters using his good ole' grill. Everyone gushes over you and how beautiful you look in your mother's gown, which you wore to honor her memory. You're only 21, but you look like an old Hollywood dream. And George, at 26, looks like a younger version of his namesake, Mr. Clooney.

    The wedding was beautiful but you're excited to go on your honeymoon. You and your husband go to the Bahamas for two weeks and come back relaxed, tan, and ready to get to work.

    George starts working as a Clinical Psychologist in a local hospital while you continue with school.

    After you finish your 4th year of college, George gets a job offer in New York. You transfer to NYU and continue studying to be a Pediatrician, but you also start building your home with your husband. The two of you have a beautiful suburban house just begging to be filled up with kids.

    You find out you're pregnant sooner than you expected.

    You give birth to a baby girl named Susanna Alyssa, after your late mother. You're a mom at 23, and George is a first time father at 28.

    After Susanna's born, you go back to school and finish studying. You graduate when you're 26 years old, and are finally able to get a job as a Pediatrician.

    Soon after you start working, you begin to feel sick and tired. You think it's just a side affect of the job, but soon enough, you take a pregnancy test and it's positive. 7 months later, you give birth to twin boys.

    You name one after your late father, Leonel Michael, and one after George's father, Matthew Joseph. You call the boys "Leo" & "Matt."

    2 years later, you and George find yourselves wanting another child. After a full year of trying without any success, you decide to try IVF. It worked!

    At 30, you give birth to twin girls. The older one, Dolly Ann, is named after your grandmother. The younger one, Louise Harriett, is named after George's mother. You call the girls "Dolly" & "Lou."

    Less than a year after the girls are born, you're shocked to find out that you're pregnant again. It's becoming too much to balance work and home, so you decide to close your practice and become a full-time mom.

    At 31, you give birth to another set of twin girls, which run in your family. You name them Theodora Kate & Jessamine Elaine. Everyone calls them "Thea" & "Jessa."

    A year later, George gets a job back in Chicago and the entire family makes the move back to the city. You are suddenly surrounded by all of your cousins who are having babies, and you feel like it's your time, too.

    7 months later, you announce your pregnancy.

    At 34, you give birth to another set of twin boys. You name the older one Eustace Graham, after your grandfather, and the younger one after George's grandfather, Percival Quincy. You call them "Eustace" and "Percy."

    After the boys are born, you decide that you want to take a break from mommy duty and start working again. With the crazy stress in your life, you barely get to spend any time with George. But when you do, you don't exactly think of using contraception.

    You're surprised to find that you're pregnant at the ripe age of 38. You give birth to yet another set of twin girls whom you name Catalina Evangeline & Delyth Harley. You call them "Lina" & "Lily."

    Just when you think life's going to calm down, you're surprised, yet again, by a pregnancy at 41. However, you're sure that this is the last one you'll have.

    You have a final set of twin girls and name them Aubrianna Lyric & Annabella Grey. They go by "Bri" & "Bella."

    Soon after Bri and Bella are born, you are devastated to find out that your sister, Tiffany, and her husband have died in a tragic car crash. Their only daughter, Clara Amabel, is left as an orphan. You and George love Clara very much and take her in. A year later, you legally adopt her at the age of 15.

    Life finally calms down and before you know it you're 46. You miss having the house full of children and laughter and chaos. George is skeptical, but he agrees to your dream of having another baby. Unfortunately, it's too late to have one naturally and IVF is out of the question. The only option is adoption.

    4 years after you file for adoption, you finally find a baby boy in Kenya who has been waiting for someone to adopt him. He's 15 months old, and his name is Abel Dex.

    After visiting him for 2 long years, the paperwork is finally finalized and you're able to bring your son home to the US. At 52, you become a mom for the final time.

    When Abel is 7, he begs you for a pet. You cave and buy him a dog named Charlie.

    Susanna Alyssa (36)
    Leonel Michael (31, twin)
    Matthew Joseph (31, twin)
    Dolly Ann (29, twin)
    Louise Harriett (29, twin)
    Theodora Kate (28, twin)
    Jessamine Elaine (28, twin)
    Eustace Graham (25, twin)
    Percival Quincy (25, twin)
    Catalina Evangeline (21, twin)
    Delyth Harley (21,twin)
    Aubrianna Lyric (18, twin)
    Annabella Grey (18, twin)
    Clara Amabel (32, adopted)
    Abel Dex (7, adopted)
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    My name: Eleanor Amelia ("Nora")

    Age: 21

    I grew up in Washington, DC

    I was raised by my mother and father, Edith Rebecca and Harlan Dean

    I have an older brother, Malcolm Charles, and a younger sister, Sarah Evangeline

    I attend American University and major in Political Science. I hope to become a lawyer.

    My husband: John Ambrose ("Jack")

    Age: 24

    Jack went to Georgetown, where he majored in English Literature. He hopes to go into publishing.

    Jack and I met through a mutual friend, my roommate Alexandra.

    After college, I went to law school at Georgetown and became a lawyer, and Jack went to grad school at GW and became a publishing consultant.

    Jack and I dated for three years before he proposed on Christmas Day.

    We were married at a hotel, with a party in the ballroom. Our honeymoon was in Germany.

    We decided to settle down in Bethesda, MD, where we bought a renovated historical home.

    I got pregnant three times, and we adopted once.

    We had a boy, Owen Ignatius

    We domestically adopted a boy, Henry Solomon

    We had another set of twins, Tobias Hugo and Lillian Edith

    We had twin girls, Katharine Louisa and Isabel Maude

    We got a French bulldog and named it Leo

    Our family:

    John Ambrose
    Eleanor Amelia

    Owen Ignatius
    Henry Solomon
    Tobias Hugo and Lillian Edith
    Katharine Louisa and Isabel Maude

    Jack & Nora; Owen, Henry, Toby, Lily, Kit, & Isabel



    Toby & Lily:

    Kit & Isabel:

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    Hanna Imogen (22)
    -grew up in Utah with grandparents June & Harry and siblings (brother and sister) John & Marie
    -went to college at BYU majoring in English Literature and aspiring to become a novelist
    -Current starving writer

    Robert George (20)
    -went to college at BYU majoring in Biology and aspiring to become a biologist
    -current intern at a science lab

    Met at a party.
    Went out for 2 years before engagement.
    Proposed on Valentine's Day with the ring slipped into a box of chocolates
    Traditional wedding in temple.
    Honeymoon in France.
    Settle down in colonial-style house.

    Helena Ruby & Mallory Ruth
    Ottoline Scout
    Lachlan Vade
    Owen Reid & Willa Remington
    Esme Colette

    Adoptive Kids:
    Aurelia Cecily
    Danielle Mia
    Seraphine Juliet

    Cleo Magnolia | Noa Jean | Indie Ophelia | Zinnia Margot | Aubrey Thea | Evanna Daisy
    Wendy Adelaide | Selah Bridget | Harlowe Astrid | Kit Delilah

    Gideon Knox | Callum Vade | Porter Elias | Corban Atticus | Fletcher Dean | Clayton Miles
    Zion August | Deacon Tate | Lachlan Wyatt | Luca Prescott

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    My name is Eve Wilhelmina Cornen, I am 21years old and grew up in Birmingham with my parents, Abigail Mae and David Nicholas Cornen, and two little sister, Isis Pandora and Nellie Cordelia.

    Where are you going to college? Birmingham City.

    What are you majoring in? Primary School Teaching.

    What are you aspiring to become? A Key Stage 1 teacher.

    My partner's name is Lewis Grayhem Armstrong, he is 22 years old.

    Where did he going to college? Keele University.

    What did he major in? Forensic Science

    What is he aspiring to become? A pathologist.

    Lew and I met through a mutual friend, Bethanne Button, who I had gone through secondary school with and who was doing the same course as Lew in university. They were lad partners for a short while and Beth thought that we would make a good match; she couldn't have been more right.

    After university I work as a Year One teacher in a local primary school and Lew goes into forensic science. It is four years until he proposes to me; on Christmas Day, with the ring wrapped in a box under the tree. The wedding is a small, personal and intimate affair before a lovely honeymoon to Greece for two weeks.

    We eventually decide to settle down in a small town near to Birmingham in a gorgeous old Victorian house.

    I get pregnant four times; the first time is with twin girls who I name Kate Natasha and Rose Addison. When they are just ten months I get pregnant with a wonderful surprise daughter, we name her Roberta Brooke. Two years later another, this time planned, daughter turns up, we name her Matilda Scout. Finding that the small age gaps work between our children, we get pregnant again when Mattie is just seven months old. To our surprise and joy we find it is twin boys! We name them Tobias Henry and Sebastian Keith.

    Five years after Tobias and Seb's birth, Lew and I look into adoption, the process of accepting us onto the scheme takes nine long months, three months after that we bring home a newborn baby boy born to a heroin addicted teenager. We name our new son Jeremy James.

    Now our family is complete:
    Evie (36) and Lew (37) with: Kate (10), Rosie (10), Bo (9), Mattie (7), Tobias (6), Sebastian (6) and Jem/JJ (3mo).
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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