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    Sibling for E, B, and R

    We have Eleanor Quay, Beatrice Elizabeth, and Reynolds "Rhett"

    Middle names are meaningful family names for us. What do you think of-

    Clementine Marie

    Marie is my mom's middle name. Is it still as filler as Grace in the middle? I realize Clementine might be a tad (or more than a tad;-) boring in the Nameberry community but I've never met a Clementine young or old. Actually, we've loved this name for a while but worried it was too unusual for us. Beatrice is so familiar on this site but was quite unexpected when we announced her name to our family and friends. Eleanor seemed to surprise people too, which I wasn't expecting.

    Henry Andrews nn Hayes. We love this but have two concerns - Henry is very popular. I know several young Henrys. Hayes could be confused with Haze when said aloud.

    Would really appreciate some Berry feedback. Thank you!


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    Re: Sibling for E, B, and R

    Clementine is pretty...I guess if Marie has special meaning to you, then go for it. Even Clementine Mary is really nice without being too cliche! However, yes, I do feel Grace is a filler middle name! And I don't know if Clementine is boring in the Nameberry community.

    How are:

    Clementine Elise
    Clementine Lily
    Clementine Julia
    Clementine Pearl
    Clementine Mae
    Clementine Alice
    Clementine Sylvie
    Clementine Opal
    Clementine Lydia

    I hope that helps!
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    Re: Sibling for E, B, and R

    Thanks! My grandmother was Mary so Clementine Mary could work. How do you compare that to Clementine Marie?

    From your suggestions, I love Clementine Lily, Mae, Pearl, and Alice (and also Alice Clementine).

    Thanks again!

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    Re: Sibling for E, B, and R

    I much prefer the flow of Clementine Marie. It's a beautiful name! I also think Henry Andrews is adorable.


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    Clementine if fantastic with Eleanor and Beatrice. I would use a middle name that has family meaning as that trumps all in my book,

    I would probably avoid Henry since your know so many of them. Also it doesn't fit that well with Reynolds. What about Harvey Andrew, Hayden Andrew, or Harris Andrew? Hayes would be a great nickname with any of them and I don't see any issue with Hays/Haze.
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