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    did i make the right choice?

    I am looking for some reassurance that I made the right name choice for my son.

    Some of our friends like to make jokes about it and I guess I am feeling a bit low about it.

    Anything positive comments out there?

    His name is Mac

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    Re: did i make the right choice?

    Hi. Mac seems like a nn for MacKenzie or other names that start with Mac. I think most people would go with a longer name and use Mac as a nn, but I am also a fan of short nn's as full names. Mac doesnt seem that different than Max really. I wouldnt worry about other people's comments. As long as you and your son like the name than it is a fine name.

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    Re: did i make the right choice?

    I think Mac is really cute and even though it's a short name I think it'll grow with him.

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    Re: did i make the right choice?

    I really like the name Mac!! It's a cool name that will be great in childhood right through adulthood.

    Just a note - my name is Polly and the first thing everyone used to say is,
    Polly wanna cracker? or
    Pollyanna or
    Polly-waddle-doodle-all-the-day, etc.

    While it always kind of annoyed me as a kid, I have grown up to LOVE my name - it's unique and simple, yet still a 'real' name, much like Mac! I think sometimes people just say the first thing that comes to mind, and don't really mean anything negative about the name itself.

    I just had a baby and found myself really looking for everyone's approval when we told them his name. When we didn't get it from some people, I talked with my husband and we decided that WE don't love every name, so why should anyone else? I am trying really hard to focus on the beauty of the name and not what everyone's first reaction is. I hope you can, too.

    Take care!
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    Re: did i make the right choice?

    Polly's advice is genius. Couldn't have said it better myself. I have a little 1 year old cousin named Samuel Mac, and yeah, it's a little unusual, but it so fits him--they call him Sammy Mac.
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