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    For fun--songs???

    I've totally been thinking about songs with girl's names in them lately ever since me and DH started talking about the name Anna and I cannot get the Beatles song "Anna" out of my head (which I absolutely LOVE BTW)...So I'm just throwing this out there, thought it might be kinda fun--got any songs?

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    You've got some great ones listed already, but I'll add:

    Alison by Elvis Costello
    Aubrey by Bread

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    Just today I've been listening to Veronica by Elvis Costello. When we named our last baby James we so loved listening to Sweet Baby James so much that now I want all my future babies to have their own song. And I don't think my hubby would even like the name Caroline if it weren't for the song.
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    Today's favorites for a future #8:
    Thomas Nathan or Lucy Veronica

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    Roy Orbison had songs called Lana, Leah, Belinda and Claudette.

    The latter was written about his first wife.
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    Don't think anyone's mentioned "Miriam" by Norah Jones. There's also Bruno Mars' "Natalie," and ZZ Ward's "Put The Gun Down" references an Adeline ("Adeline, have mercy/you don't want to break my heart"). Though none of these are necessarily good connotations, someone above mentioned Jolene, so I just felt the need to throw some of these in the mix.

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