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    For fun--songs???

    I've totally been thinking about songs with girl's names in them lately ever since me and DH started talking about the name Anna and I cannot get the Beatles song "Anna" out of my head (which I absolutely LOVE BTW)...So I'm just throwing this out there, thought it might be kinda fun--got any songs?

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    Re: For fun--songs???

    Delilah from "hey there Delilah" and I'm not quite sure what the song's name is but Micheal Bublee has a song with the name Georgia in it...
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    Re: For fun--songs???

    I do!! I love Eric Clapton's song, 'Layla'; 'Gracie', by Ben Folds; 'Emaline', by Ben Folds; 'Visions of Johanna', by Bob Dylan; 'Madeline & Nine', by Mike Doughty; 'Elias', by Dispatch, 'Edie (Ciao baby)', by The Cure...many more, will have to re-post! Awesome new thread-love it!!!

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    Re: For fun--songs???

    This isn't from a song, but it's related to songs: Nirvana. I love Nirvana the band and as a name! One of my theoretical girls would *have* to have the middle name Nirvana.

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    Re: For fun--songs???

    There are tons with names in the songs. Here are some with names just in the titles...

    Just a few more from The Beatles...

    Eleanor ("Eleanor Rigby")
    Lucy ("Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds")
    Prudence ("Dear Prudence")
    Michelle ("Michelle")

    Then of course there's...

    Angie (Rolling Stones)
    Roxanne (The Police)
    Lola (The Kinks)
    Layla (Eric Clapton)
    Amanda (Boston)
    Carrie (Europe)

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