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    Dexter Charles is here!

    Atticus's little brother, Dexter Charles, is finally here and almost 2 weeks old. We were undecided on the name until after he was born, but in the end, he is definitely a Dexter! Thanks to all the Nameberries for all the input and ideas

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    Re: Dexter Charles is here!

    Atticus and Dexter! So cute! Congratulations You have a pair of kids with awesome names

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    Re: Dexter Charles is here!

    So cute! I love Dexter and Atticus. Congratulations!!
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    Re: Dexter Charles is here!

    I love the name you picked! Atticus and Dexter are a dashing pair.
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    Re: Dexter Charles is here!

    Wow, so handsome!! Congrats on your perfectly named son Dexter Charles.
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