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    Yay Felix is finally here!

    After 41 long weeks, Felix Taz has arrived!

    Thanks to nameberry for the idea of Felix. Felix means happy and energetic, is also a year of the rabbit name. His father is also year of the rabbit and is always happy and energetic so I felt like I was naming him after his father without using dads (not so hot) name, Gary.

    Taz was a nickname we had for him throughout the pregnancy, that I went back and forth on, but thanks to dad making him a facebook page at the start of pregnancy, everyone already thought his name was Taz. I finally succumbed to it, since even I caught myself using it (Tazzy).

    We are so happy and he is beautiful.
    Thanks you!

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    Re: Yay Felix is finally here!

    congrats! Felix is a fantastic name!

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