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    Iris Marcheline, William Klaus, Viola Blair and...?

    THE TWINS!! So far we've been thinking along the lines of...

    Rosie Firth
    Livia Beatrice
    Marianne Ivy
    Matilda Ivy
    Tess Willa

    Oscar Twain
    Theodore Finch
    Harrison Twain

    So, Rosie & Theo? Oscar & Marianna? What do you think? All your comments are much appreciated at this stage!
    Other names we're considering are Phileas (nn Pip), Eleanora and Bonnie, but can't seem to make them fit somehow. Does anybody have any other name suggestions, combos, general name nerdiness to share? Help us, berries!

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    Re: Iris Marcheline, William Klaus, Viola Blair and...?

    Rosie Firth Please name her Rose, Rosalie or Rosalind nn Rosie and is Firth a family name? Rosalie Firth is a nice combo
    Livia Beatrice I am sure that all and sundry will think her name is Olivia (gorgeous name but probably too popular for you) so I would nix this unless you put it in the mn spot. Jane Beatrice
    Marianne Ivy A nice combo but not my taste as I don't like Ivy
    Matilda Ivy The gorgeous Matilda but her mn is Eloise, Matilda Eloise
    Tess Willa I really think Tessa is nicer and Tessa Willow is so, so pretty!

    Oscar Twain Not a fan of twain it reminds me of an indecisive person (twix and between) Oscar Wilfred and Tristan Oscar ring bells for me.
    Theodore Finch Yes, it is a nice combo but it doesn't say va va voom to me. Jonas Finch and Lionel Finch.
    Harrison Twain I am a great fan of Harrison, Harrison Percival may suit you? Also Jackson Hugo.

    Harrison Percival and Tessa Willow
    Oscar Wilfred and Rosalie Firth
    Lionel Finch and Rosalie Firth (too matchy with the F middle name?)
    Jackson Hugo and Tessa Willow
    Harrison Percival and Matilda Eloise
    Lionel Hugo and Marion Ivy
    Jonas Finch and Eliza Mary

    all the best,

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    Re: Iris Marcheline, William Klaus, Viola Blair and...?

    I love Iris, William and Viola! For their sister, I would avoid Rose and all her related names due to the flower theme with Iris and even Viola since she's so similar to Violet. I love Matilda or Mariana (prefer this to Marianne). For a brother, my favorite on your list is Oscar but I prefer Oscar Finch to Oscar Twain. Second place is Harrison for me.

    Oscar Finch and Mariana Ivy - lovely!

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    Re: Iris Marcheline, William Klaus, Viola Blair and...?

    My first choice would be Matilda and Theodore

    Matilda is beautiful, and it's my #1 for a girl at the moment. I also love Ivy as a middle name, though it think it might be a bit similar to both Iris and Viola. I actually think Matilda Bonnie would be absolutely gorgeous, though it might not go with the trend of very strong middles you have.

    As for Theodore Finch, I think it's amazing! Finch is such a sweet name, a lovely alternative to Finn with great literary connections. Theo is an adorable nickname too.

    The one real problem I have here - Matilda and William. I adore both names, but they might not go together depending on what names they'll go by. If you're going to use Tilly or Milly as a nickname ofr Matilda, and you use William, Will or Willy for William, then I think they'd be too similar to have in a set. But it would be okay if you were using Liam as a nickname for William, or M/Em, Mia, Maddie etc for Matilda. Or if they always go by their full names, I think that would work too.

    My second choice would be Rosie and Oscar, though I think Rosie should be strictly a nickname.

    Rose (or even Rosa, Rosalie, Rosalind, Rosaline, Rosabel, Primrose etc) and Oscar would be lovely enough. Rose is a nice way to continue the sort of floral theme you have with Iris and Viola, and fits in nicely with the classic feel of the set. Rose Firth doesn't sound to amazing though, Rose Eleanora or Rosa Bonnie would be gorgeous.

    Oscar is another very sweet yet handsome name, and fits in so well with the set. I'm not hugely keen on the middle though, it makes the whole thing sound very harsh. Perhaps Oscar Theodore, or Oscar Phileas?
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    Re: Iris Marcheline, William Klaus, Viola Blair and...?

    I love your children's names but I am going to break rank here and say I think you need to forge into slightly more adventurous territory for the twins. Oscar, Harrison, Theodore, Matilda, Eleanor -- these are all great names for the semi-adventurous namer, but I think you've proven that you're prepared to go further afield than that.

    The possibilities are too numerous to mention but I would like to see you explore choices beyond Beatrice, Clementine etc -- all lovely yet expected.

    Phileas? Yes!!! That's the spirit.

    Up to the challenge, berries?
    Pam Satran

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