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Thread: Joseph or Mary?

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    Re: Joseph or Mary?

    Thanks everyone for continuing to weigh in! Auburn, that's too funny you had the same question -- I'm very excited to know there will be another Mary out there : D. It's interesting to see some mini-consensus lining up, and lots of love for the name Mary! It might be a hard choice when the day actually comes! Also Sepp and Seph are growing on me, I'd thought of them before but never too seriously, but that's changing too. All best!

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    Re: Joseph or Mary?

    I agree that pairing Joseph and Mary as sibs will cause trouble.

    Luckily, Mary has so many variants that you can have the name or religious idea and not actually have a "Mary". Some variants are Maura, Molly (actually a medieval nickname for Mary), Marielle, May, Miriam, Maris, Marisol, and many more. Or you could go with the religious idea of Mary with names like Regina (Queen), Rose, Stella (Star), Lily (referring to the symbol of the virginity), Virginia, Ava, Eve, Eva. These refer to her titles: Queen of Heaven, Mystic Rose, Morning Star, Star of the Sea, etc. Also, Ava refers to "ave" meaning "hail" as in "hail, Mary". Eve and Eva refer to Mary's title as the "new Eve".

    There are really so many choices and directions to go with the name Mary that you can't go wrong.

    If these ideas don't float your boat, I'd make Joseph a middle name or find another name that means "carpenter" or "builder" or something like that.

    Good luck!

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