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    Your babies' special names

    If you're on here you probably love names and you most likey searched long and hard for all your babies' perfect names. I just had a daughter and named her Hazel Zofia. I loved that Sofia means wisdom but was really put off by it's popularity and loved the flair of the name with a Z. Plus it is Polish, which my husband's family is so I loved honoring my baby's ancestry. Hazel has always been on my list ever since I heard Julia Roberts named her little girl that. I love that it is a nature name and an eye color to brag about. Also, my husband vetoed every other name I loved but adored this one.

    Now that I've shared my story I would LOVE to hear yours! Let's see what names finally won your hearts for your long awaited little ones. <3

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    Re: Your babies' special names

    My first child was definitely the one my husband and I argued on most.

    His name is Cayce (prn Casey) Shane. I have always loved the name Casey, but my husband wasn't as sold. He didn't mind the name, but hated the look of it. So I was looking through books of mine (we pretty much have a library in our house because we're both readers) and I came across the name Royce, and hated the name, but I love how it looks on paper. So my husband and I fiddled around with Cayce til we got it how we like it. I know it looks like it should be prn like Case, but we don't mind. And most of his teachers can actually prn it correctly! Then we chose the mn Shane after my brother, who is also his godfather, because my brother has been a great person in my husband's life as well as mine.

    Our second son is named Morgen Chase. Pierce (dh) and I were in love with this name, but our families weren't sold. Pierce's parents thought it was a bad name for a boy because of the popularity in the name Morgan for girls. But, we noticed a decline in Morgan's, at least in our area, and neither of us had met a boy named Morgen, so we decided to just go for it against our families will! And Chase we picked as mn after Pierce's best friend who passed away when we were in High School.

    Next, is our first daughter Asher Harmony. Our families love this name, but once I started using Nameberry a lot of people didn't like it because it's more of a boys name. They said I was naming my children backwards! But dh and I haven't heard of any Asher's around our area and her brothers call her Ashy. Which I'm not a fan of, but their still young. We chose Harmony for her mn because it's very girly (next to a unisex name) and we love the flow of Asher Harmony!

    And then my newborn twins!
    Our sons name is Grayson James. We were struggling with his name because it was between Grayson and Seth. I actually went into labor not knowing which one I was going to choose! But when I saw him the first thing that came to my mind was "Grayson" and so he was named.

    And our baby girl is Ryen Hope. This name was a no doubt about it to our families, but nameberry had a few problems with it. They said it wasn't girly enough for a baby girl. Which I totally disagree. I am in love with this name for a little girl! Everyone wanted us to spell it Ryann though, but that, to me, sounds like it should be pronounced Rye-Anne. But I like Ryen better, it sounds sweeter.

    So that's our story!
    Proud mommy of FIVE! Cayce Shane, Morgen Chase, Asher Harmony, Grayson James, & Ryen Hope! <3 Mom loves!

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