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    Re: Name to get "Ellie" as a nickname

    Have you considered Eleanor? It would be a sweet way to honour that nice little girl and you get to use "Ellie".
    Im horrified that you find Elizabeth ordinary! I find it rather breathtaking myself! Just saying, lol.
    Good luck!
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    Re: Name to get "Ellie" as a nickname

    Just got one that I like Elodie
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    Re: Name to get "Ellie" as a nickname

    I have a niece we call Ellie as her nickname. Her real name
    Is Elliette.... Was Elliot but changed to the more fem spelling after a day! Our cute little Ellie!
    She gets lots of compliments on her name!

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    Re: Name to get "Ellie" as a nickname

    Elenore is just beautiful...

    There is an "Elma" on our family tree and I met a newborn Elma a while back...Nameberry doesn't like it, but I wonder if it will begin making a comeback with the "el" craze...

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    Re: Name to get "Ellie" as a nickname

    What about Alethea ("eh-lee-tha", at least that's how I pronounce it)? I know a girl around my age (mid 20's) named Aletha- I am really liking it more and more. Not to mention, I am currently reading a book and one of the five sisters is named Alethea. On NB it also shows a spelling variation of Eletha which might lend itself to "Ellie" easier, however the Alethea/Aletha spelling would go with your other daughter's names. I think it goes particularly well with Adelaide, I didn't see your other daughter's name, but I may have missed it.
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