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    Name to get "Ellie" as a nickname

    We are pregnant with baby girl #3 and this might be our last. While I know that some berries are tired of hearing lots of little girls nicknamed "Ellie", and while usually popularity is an issue for us, we don't know of any little "Ellie"s where we live (in Canada) and DH has a soft spot for the nn because it reminds him of a lovely little girl (whose full name was Eleanor) we met together when I lived in England.

    We intended to try to use "Ellie" as a nn for our first daughter (Adelaide -- pulling the "Elle" from the middle), but it never stuck or seemed to suit her (she does not yet have a name-related nn). I think we are looking for a name that we LOVE that has the option of being shortened to "Ellie" if it seems to stick/suit this baby.

    So far the only option we are seriously considering is ELOISE. We both like it, but still aren't settled on it and are looking at other options.

    The other issue we are considering is whether or not to give this baby an "A" name, since our other two daughters names both start with "A". This was unintentional and we may decide not to continue the trend, but it is still something that sits in the back of my mind.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Name to get "Ellie" as a nickname

    I love Ellie

    How about..


    Hope you find a name you both love!

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    Re: Name to get "Ellie" as a nickname

    I love this post! My husband and I are expecting this fall and if we have a girl, her name will be Elliotte specifically to call her Ellie!!

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    Re: Name to get "Ellie" as a nickname

    I have a good friend named Elisabeth who absolutely REFUSES to go by anything but Ellie. She'll probably poison me for even mentioning this.

    You could also use:
    Petronella (she won't want to go by anything but Ellie, ha)

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    Re: Name to get "Ellie" as a nickname

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