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    1. What will your fictional first, middle, and last name be? Junia Wilhelmine Harris "June"
    2. What color hair and eyes will you have (fictionally)? Dark auburn hair, dark blue eyes
    3. What is the first, middle (if you know it), and last name of your biggest celebrity crush (age doesnt matter)? Made it up: Anderson Miller Ames
    4. What color hair and eyes does he have? Curly dark hair, brown eyes.

    Today is your wedding day. Your parents arent too happy that youre marrying at 18, but theyre being supportive. In fact, theyre to blame. If they hadnt become friends with his parents when you were 6, you probably wouldnt even know who he was. Youre just the girl next door, but hehe is a famous actor. Hes remained very down to earth, the two of you are so in love, and he wants to do it all the right wayno sex before marriage. And since girls are now being thrown at him left and right, you feel the pressure to marrynow. So here you are, getting ready to walk down the aisle and become Mrs. Ames.

    Youve been married for 3 weeks now. You had the most amazing honeymoon in Antarctica. Youre feeling a little down, though. Youre tired and moody. Youre more than happy, so its not any sort of depression. You decide to sneak a pregnancy testjust for ease of mind, you know? Youre honestly shocked by the result. Those are two pink lines. Youre pregnant! Oh, how do you tell Anderson, let alone your parents. They thought that marrying him would make your life complicated enoughand at such a young age. What will they think about having a child with him? Oh well. Whats done is done. You calm yourself down and take on the task ahead. You tell Anderson and decide that you dont want to know the gender of your child until he/she is born. And 9 months later you give birth.

    Whatd you roll? 6

    Baby 1As name: Isabeau Neve
    Baby 1As picture:

    Baby 1Bs name: Leonor Faye
    Baby 1Bs picture:

    You gave birth almost 4 months ago. Your LO has stopped nursing. You dont know why. You complain to your mom who tells you that you stopped nursing when she got pregnant with your little sister. You and your little sister are exactly one year apart in age. So you tell DH and take a test. Looks like your mom was right. Youre pregnant. You vow that next time you will get on birth control right away. No more procrastinating. Clearly you and DH are natural baby makers. Again, you decide to wait to find out the sex. 9 months later on the day you first gave birth, you give birth again.

    Whatd you roll? 1
    Baby 2s name: Pearl Evangeline
    Baby 2s picture:

    Baby 1As name [age 1]: Isabeau Neve
    Baby 1As current picture:

    Baby 1Bs name [age 1]: Leonor Faye
    Baby 1Bs current picture:

    3 years later, youre traveling to Africa with DH for non-profit work. The kids are back home with your parents. Your heart goes out to these children. You wish you could help them so bad. You express this to DH and he suggests adopting. Your eyes light up. You decide to adopt one or two babies (age 1 or under) that need medical help, as DHs profession will allow you to pay for it. You will not change their names (choose African names for themyou may come up with a NN).

    1 2 kids (1 boy & 1 girl)
    Whatd you roll? 1

    Adopted 3As name: Kissa Mirabel
    Adopted 3As picture:

    Adopted 3Bs name: Okello Archer
    Adopted 3Bs picture:

    Baby 2s name [age 3]: Pearl Evangeline
    Baby 2s current picture:

    Baby 1As name [age 4]: Isabeau Neve
    Baby 1As current picture:

    Baby 1Bs name [age 4]: Leonor Faye
    Baby 1Bs current picture:

    Its been 5 years since you adopted your LO. You enjoy nothing more than being a stay at home mom to your children. But its been a while since youve had an actual baby in the house and youre itching for one. You discuss this with DH and agree to begin trying. When you first got married, it was far too easy to get pregnant. But now, its more difficult (especially with DHs crazy work schedule). 2 years go by and no baby. You decide to try fertility treatments. Your first try works!

    6 3 babies (your choice gender), your hair, your eyes, MNs start w/ C

    Whatd you roll? 6
    Baby 4As name: Sylvie Imogen
    Baby 4As picture:

    Baby 4Bs name: Althea Wren
    Baby 4Bs picture:

    Baby 4Cs name: Hamish Anderson
    Baby 4Cs picture:

    Adopted 3As name [age 8]: Kissa Mirabel
    Adopted 3As current picture:

    Adopted 3Bs name [age 8]: Okello Archer
    Adopted 3Bs current picture:

    Baby 2s name [age 11]: Pearl Evangeline
    Baby 2s current picture:

    Baby 1As name [age 12]: Isabeau Neve
    Baby 1As current picture:

    Baby 1Bs name [age 12]: Leonor Faye
    Baby 1Bs current picture:

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