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    Re: Wyatt and Harper's sister

    It seems as if you'd like to go more feminine for this girl -- maybe because of gender confusion with Harper? -- but you still want the name to be consistent in style. OK, great.

    You have a wonderful list. I too love Caroline but agree that it's too classically feminine to fit with the others. Some of the other choices on your list, such as Susannah, I feel similarly about. So here are what I think are the best:

    Blythe -- decidedly feminine but not conventional. Good fit tho Wyatt and Blythe sound quite a bit alike.

    Bryn -- good fit though a bit trendy

    Clementine (nn Emme) -- couldn't resist leaving this on the list as I love it and I think it's quirky enough to work, but why choose the really distinctive Clementine and reduce it to the everyday Emme?

    Ellis -- Does work with the others and I think it's adorable yet people will forever misunderstand it as Alice or reduce it to the ordinary Ellie. Have you considered Ellison? though same problems...

    Flora -- One of my absolute favorites. While much more fem than Harper, I think it's offbeat enough to work.

    Mae -- Love this as a first name but probably too vintage femme to fit

    Magnolia (nn Maggie or Nola) -- like Clementine and Flora, very feminine but quirky and think it can work beautifully, but again, would hate for you to end up with the ordinary Maggie! Nola: great.

    Reese -- Excellent fit tho hardly more feminine than Harper and very redolent of Witherspoon

    Bottom line favorites: Blythe or Flora
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    Re: Wyatt and Harper's sister

    While I know that Harper is unisex, I've only ever met female Harpers. I would be shocked to meet a young boy named Harper - unlike Evan, Dylan, Ryan or one of the other more recent boy-and-girl converts. With Wyatt or alone I would always have thought your Harper was a girl. So, to me, you don't have to stay unisex for girl #2. I don't think Caroline is necessarily the best sister for Harper, but I don't think it's a mismatch because of her feminity. I think it's more of a mismatch in style, length, etc. I think it could work depending on the nn - do you plan to use one? Lola would be adorable I think, and one of my favorite (nameberry-inspired) nn's for Caroline.

    So from your longer list I could easily see Wyatt, Harper and:
    Blythe (except a little rhyme-y with Wyatt)
    Miriam (nn Miri)
    Nola (Magnolia is too frilly next to Harper, imo. It's also more overtly southern which may be something to consider. I like the spunky Nola though)
    Reese - if you want to stay unisex
    Sarah (nn Sadie) - I really like Sadie with Harper, not so much Sarah

    Good luck!

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    Re: Wyatt and Harper's sister

    What about Ava Caroline? I think Wyatt, Harper and Ava sound good together and then you get the lovely Caroline in the combo as well.

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    Re: Wyatt and Harper's sister

    Okay, since I really like Wyatt and Harper as names, I personally think that Sadie (not Sarah) will go awesome with that sibset. I am biased bc that' s my daughter's name. We named her Sadie, not Sarah, because I really don't see the connection between Sarah/Sara and Sadie. They sound like totally different names to me and in some cases the supposedly given name (sara) is shorter than Sadie. Anyhow, I think Sarah would present the same problem as Caroline if not worse bc to me Sarah has an additional blah factor that Caroline doesn't have.
    If you are always going to call her Sadie, I don't see the point of naming her Sara/Sarah. And it's not as if we dealing with a situation such as Penelope (nn Poppy) where the given name sounds more professional and adult like than the nickname. I just don't see Sara being that much more grown-up than Sadie. In fact, some people have envisioned a little old Jewish lady named Sadie if anything.

    Okay, well enough about me, let's talk about you...

    Of the names you listed, I could see Blythe, Bryn, Eden (another favorite of mine), Ellis, Loralei, Mae (but perhaps too western with Wyatt), Magnolia (nn Nola), or Reese (a little too unisex with Harper), Stella work well.

    Some on your list are just far too popular for me to really consider how well they go with Wyatt and Harper, which are not unheard names, but still have an edge to them. These names are Chloe, Lucy, Lily, Ava, Maya, Zoe. If you really don't care about popularity at all, I would think Chloe and Zoe go well with the sibset.

    Dylan throws Harper into a unisex theme. I do know a little baby girl Dylan and she's adorable, but I think on paper it will be hard to tell is Dylan a boy or girl.

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    Re: Wyatt and Harper's sister

    I love Caroline and it does not seem that off from the other two name. Wyatt and Harper are different from each other. Wyatt seems country (yet fresh) and harper seems hip. Caroline is a solid name that could match with most genres (it is timeless and I picture a pretty girl). Reese another name that could match the southern charm with a hip twist. Are you going to have more children? Ruth and a few other names seem totally different. If I was Harper's sister and my name was Ruth I would not be happy. I would wonder why my sister got such a cool name and why I got Ruth (I used to think this of a friend who has a sister Ruth and her name is Jennifer and another sister named Stephanie). It could also flip in years as why did one girl get such a powerful bible name and the other a made up trendy name.
    Caroline and Reese are my top picks.

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