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    Brother for Cannon James

    We are having the hardest time coming up with a name for our baby boy due in September. We named our first son Cannon James, both are family names. I love that Cannon is not heard of that often yet not too weird. I don't want a super trendy or common name for this baby since our last name is Smith, but nothing too out there. The problem is I just don't LOVE any names right now....

    Some names I do LIKE are:
    Bronson (but my DH immediately vetoed this since he works with a Bronson)
    Klein (after a family name of Kleinman)
    McCoy (probably my top choice right now...)

    I would love any other suggestions or opinions. I have the hardest time deciding!!!


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    Re: Brother for Cannon James

    If you are looking for a name that's not too trendy or common, Liam is the only name on your list that I would toss. It's a very trendy name right now (at least where I'm from), and it's still climbing the charts! (Although I do like it)

    I really like Benson and Bronson! Too bad Bronson was vetoed! I'm not a huge fan of the other names, but that's due to my personal association with each of the names.

    My husband and I are naming our baby Macsen/Maxon/Maxson if he's a boy. We haven't agreed on the spelling, but this is definitely the name. I love it because it's very uncommon, but not crazy or strange. It literally translates to "Great Son"...which made it official for me!

    I also really love the name Abram, which has the "uncommon-but-not-crazy" factor as well!

    I'm really liking surname-names as well (That's how I was first introduced to the name Maxson). Here are some other suggestions:


    By the way..I really like Cannon

    Good luck!

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    Re: Brother for Cannon James

    I really love Rocco. Cannon is cool too, but Rocco Smith has a nice flow to it more than Cannon Smith.

    What about Wesson Smith. (Get it? Smith & Wesson haha, pay no mind yo my cheesy humor)
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    Re: Brother for Cannon James

    First, just want to say that I like Cannon James a lot, and it's nice that both are family names.

    Benson - too matchy with Cannon
    Bronson - too matchy with Cannon
    Jansen/Jantzen - too matchy with Cannon
    Klein - This is okay, but it doesn't really read as a first name to me
    Liam - I think this is great with Cannon, though it is admittedly a bit trendy right now
    McCoy - I'm not a huge fan of Mc-names in general, but this one is okay
    Rocco - I like it with Cannon, and it would probably be my top pick of these choices

    Other ideas:

    Cannon and Reed
    Cannon and Bennett
    Cannon and Everett
    Cannon and Piers
    Cannon and Bram
    Cannon and Griffith
    Cannon and Owen
    Cannon and Neil
    Cannon and Anders
    Cannon and Magnus
    Cannon and Vaughn
    Cannon and Milo
    Cannon and Graham
    Cannon and Finlay
    Cannon and Lyle
    Cannon and Desmond
    Cannon and York
    Cannon and Drake
    Cannon and Leo
    Cannon and Hawthorne
    Cannon and Archer
    Cannon and Gage
    Cannon and Maddox
    Cannon and Blaine
    Cannon and Dashiell
    Cannon and Malcolm
    Cannon and Flint
    Cannon and Grant
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    Re: Brother for Cannon James

    Thanks for all the suggestions! Why are boys names so hard?!?! I actually like Lawson, but would he get called "Loss" for short?? The new additions to my list are Colton and Rhett. I also like Milo, but the hubby says no way. But he did suggest Mariner... Seriously?!! My sister in law loves Bennett and I'm deciding if it could grow on me. My DH just declared that he doesn't want to talk about baby names anymore.

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