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    Exclamation Changing my baby's name

    Ok, so it's not actually a baby, but it's my baby I run a blog which is currently called . Though I don't think it's a bad name, I feel like I have outgrown it and it lacks a personal feel. So, I have come up with a few names that I feel are more suitable, but I am SUPER open to suggestions. Like, please help me!! These are the ones I have come up with (BTW my name is Sofia, but I usueally go by Sophie-both are fine)

    - (is the pronunciation too tricky??)

    Please give me your thoughts, and if possible which one you would be most likely to subgscribe to! Thanks a million

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    I really like

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    Maybe something incorporating.....

    Philosophies (Synonyms for philosophies: ideas, thoughts, viewpoints, beliefs....seems to fit right in for a personal blog)

    Sophisticate(d) ?

    **As this is a Baby Name Games Forum, you may get more responses posting in "The Writers' Corner" Forum. :-)

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