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    Bryan Adam's first child

    Bryan Adams and Alicia Grimaldi welcomed Mirabella Bunny on April 22nd.,00.html

    I think Mirabella is beautiful, with great nickname options (Mira, Belle, Bella), although I might prefer Mirabelle, the extra syllable sounds a little superfluous. Bunny (she was born Easter Friday) is just awful.


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    Re: Bryan Adam's first child

    I like Mirabella, I don't like Bunny but if your going to use something silly it's best in the middle spot.

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    Re: Bryan Adam's first child

    I actually think it's cute. Mirabella is a lovely name, and I really don't mind whimsical names in the middle spot. Middles are rarely used, and it can be a fun/cute story for later in life.

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    Re: Bryan Adam's first child

    I'm quite devastated he's used it to be honest! Lol. Mirabella/Mirabelle/Mirabel are all absolute favourites of mine and if I ever have more than 1 daughter there's a very strong possiblity I would use one of those names and I loved that no one (other than us name nerds) are really aware of the name.

    But unfortunately now this will bring more attention to the name....let's hope the general public don't catch on! At least it's not the Beckhams or the Jolie-Pitts using it! Lol

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    Re: Bryan Adam's first child

    @ljandrl: I think you're safe, I can't imagine it'll get much attention! Although, I went to high school with a girl named Mirabelle... I think it's more common in the French-speaking area I am from.

    re: Bunnny. I just can't imagine having to put that on, say, a university application!

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