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    I wish parents had the option of waiting up to 2 months to find the name that fits the child; it is that important!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chosmom View Post
    That is too funny Babybliss! Thank you for your post! We named them Amelia and Ruby. Ruby is a keeper, that was my pick. But Amelia was my husbands and although I think it's a nice name and lovely on paper I just have a hard time liking it and calling her that name. I love Violet. That was the one name my husband and I agreed on my entire pregnancy and then once they were here I have no idea what happened.... again, that "hospital high" and having some "alone time" ! When I'm alone with them I do call her Violet because that's what rolls off my tongue and can't stop thinking about it! I think you're right, I will have to make the change. My parents know how I feel already so they will be easy, it's my in-laws that will be the hard part.... oh well, it will be a good story to tell one day, right!?
    How does your husband feel about it? If he's on-board, I say do it.

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