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    Re: I changed my baby's name!

    That is too funny Babybliss! Thank you for your post! We named them Amelia and Ruby. Ruby is a keeper, that was my pick. But Amelia was my husbands and although I think it's a nice name and lovely on paper I just have a hard time liking it and calling her that name. I love Violet. That was the one name my husband and I agreed on my entire pregnancy and then once they were here I have no idea what happened.... again, that "hospital high" and having some "alone time" ! When I'm alone with them I do call her Violet because that's what rolls off my tongue and can't stop thinking about it! I think you're right, I will have to make the change. My parents know how I feel already so they will be easy, it's my in-laws that will be the hard part.... oh well, it will be a good story to tell one day, right!?

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    Re: I changed my baby's name!

    Chosmom, Good luck! Let me know if you actually do it! I really do believe that you have to do what feels right for you....who cares what anyone else thinks! She is your baby and you are the one who is going to be saying her name a million times a day for years to come. It's really not too late!

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    Re: I changed my baby's name!

    Good for you! I'm sure she'll love her new name

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    I had the same issue but I didn't have the courage to change the name. I knew when I filled out the birth certificate that I wasn't 100% about the name. My bubba is nearly 1 and I don't hate her name but it has never gelled with me. I always think about the other name I was toying with when she was named. When I look back I could have easily changed it when she was say 3 months old. I was too scared to do it because I thought I would look like an idiot. I wish I had more courage... = damn!

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    Quote Originally Posted by poptart8 View Post
    I changed my baby's name @ 2months old. I liked her original name "Cadence Willow" but after we brought her home I was hearing little "Cadences" everywhere and I was regretting it. We switched her middle and first names around and it was so much better! Everyone thought it was dumb that we had to go and legally change it when we could've just called her by her middle name. I didnt want the hassel of that so we got it legally switched. It was easy and fast and it was only like $50. I dont know if anyone even remembers that she used to be Cadence. She's almost 4 years old. I think anytime before a year old and they wont even remember.
    I'm so glad you did this! I have gone by my middle name since birth and it is a pain in the butt. I would never do that to my child. First names are first for a reason!

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