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    I changed my baby's name!

    I recently had a baby girl and I really liked the name I chose when we were at the hospital.... but when we got home, it just didn't feel right. The name didn't seem to "fit" her and I just didn't love calling her it. I didn't name her what I truly wanted because I was afraid it was too popular. In the end, it bothered me so much that I actually changed it to the more popular name when she was 10 weeks old. I'm so happy that I did! Her new name suits her just right

    Has anyone else had this experience????

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    Re: I changed my baby's name!

    Hi! I'm glad you posted! I've been struggling with the same issue except I have yet to do anything about it. I had twin baby girls in January, they joined their big sister Charlotte. I'm not happy with one of my girls names. I let my husband win (I think it was that hospital "high" ) and he chose his favorite for one and I chose mine for the other. His choice is not working for me and I obsess about it. I really want to change it and I'm glad to here that you did and you're happy you did, it was the reassuance I needed to here. Were you embarrased to tell your family? For some reason I feel like it"s too late....

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    Re: I changed my baby's name!

    If you don't mind posting it, I'm curious as to what your baby's original name was and what you changed it to.

    Ivy Jane, Francesca Olive, Ophelia Summer, Katherine Wisteria,
    Iseult Victoria, Georgina Rose, Lydia Augustine

    Nathaniel River, Remington Beau, Langston Taylor,
    Ronan August, Samuel Ty

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    Re: I changed my baby's name!

    I changed my baby's name @ 2months old. I liked her original name "Cadence Willow" but after we brought her home I was hearing little "Cadences" everywhere and I was regretting it. We switched her middle and first names around and it was so much better! Everyone thought it was dumb that we had to go and legally change it when we could've just called her by her middle name. I didnt want the hassel of that so we got it legally switched. It was easy and fast and it was only like $50. I dont know if anyone even remembers that she used to be Cadence. She's almost 4 years old. I think anytime before a year old and they wont even remember.

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    Re: I changed my baby's name!

    To Chosmom, how funny! I had twin girls, too! My husband and I really agreed on one name, Emily Grace, (we named her after a very dear friend) but we had a really hard time with the other name. I wanted to name the second baby Olivia, but we both were afraid it was too popular (though I have always LOVED it). In the end, we named her Hannah May, a name we both really liked, but did not love (middle name May after my grandmother). When I brought her home from the hospital, I immediately had the urge to call her Liv...she did not seem like a Hannah at all! To answer your question, yes, I was embarrassed to tell people! That's why it took me almost 3 months to get the courage to change it! But I finally had her birth certificate changed to Olivia May and I couldnt be happier with my little "Livi". Everyone is used to it now that she is 6 months old....though it did take her big sister and brother a little while to catch on!

    I think you should do it if you really want my dad said, "It's not too late! So she had a different name for a few months....she could live 100 years! Nobody will remember!" He was right Good luck!

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