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    Sister for Ellodie, due date almost here!

    I have posted a few times asking for help naming this baby, and we still haven’t made a decision! My due date is two weeks away and I am feeling a little desperate. Our first daughter is Ellodie Grace and I just so badly want my second daughter to have a name that will make me happy!
    Names my husband and I are considering and kind of agree on:


    Names I like but he doesn’t


    Names he likes but I don’t

    Talia (I just keep thinking of Talia Shire)
    Sadie (possible)
    Viola (I actually sort of like this, but my mom is one of 5 siblings and they all have V names and they all frown upon anyone else using the letter…so not sure I want to deal with that)
    Violet (see above)
    Olivia (too popular)
    Julia (too close to his mother’s name)

    As far as middles we like virtue names but aren’t married to them (if we did go with Juliette or Julia, we will probably use Venessa as the middle name, and that way both of our mothers are included…otherwise those names will cause problems) I tend to like 3 sylabble 1st names, 1 syllable middle names with our 2 syllable last name that sounds like Ireland

    Thank you in advance for any and all help or suggestions!!!

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    Re: Sister for Ellodie, due date almost here!

    Juliette and Lydia are my favorites, they both go prefectly with Ellodie. The other ones rhyme too much for my taste

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    Re: Sister for Ellodie, due date almost here!

    From all of the lists, my favorite is Violet... I think Ellodie and Violet sound darling! Leonie is very cute too, but very similar in sound... Juliette and Lydia are nice sounding also. One not on your lists I like with Ellodie is Camille! Ellodie and Camille sound beautiful together! If you wanted a virtue mn, Camille Faith would sound pretty, or other one syllable names, Camille Belle for example... Im having a hard time thinking of any other names that pair with Ellodie , as it shares common sounds of a lot of names. good luck! I'm sure you will find the perfect name for your new addition!

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    Re: Sister for Ellodie, due date almost here!

    While I really, really, really, like some of the names on your list, there's a little something in me that wants another French named daughter for you, as Ellodie is French.


    Amélie - the French Amelia. Ah-meh-lee. Can go with or without the accent, I believe. LOVE it with Ellodie!

    Audrey - you had that on one of your lists, didn't you? I LOVE it, but if you can't agree, I wouldn't stress.

    Aurélie - the French Aurelia. Aur-ee-lee.With or without the accent. Super cute with Ellodie.

    Please tell me if you like them or not!

    Best wishes!

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    Re: Sister for Ellodie, due date almost here!

    I just did a quick bit of research, and if you're looking to still continue a virtue name in the middle you might use:

    Audrey Vera - Vera being a diminutive of Verity, meaning truth.

    Amelie Hope

    Aurelie Hope

    Audrey Hope

    Audrey Blythe - Blythe being a variation of Bliss. Very lovely!

    These names being the best combination (In my opinion) with French first names.

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