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    Big Family BNG

    You're a junior in high school (16 yrs old) when you and your boyfriend get crazy at a party, only to find that you're pregnant. Your mom freaks out when you tell her, but doesn't force you to get an abortion. Your boyfriend wants you too, though, and he refuse. He leaves you. Nine months later, you give birth to a healthy baby girl. Give her a fn that you never would name a kid now, but would've when you were a teen. Her mn is after your mother.

    You're at the mall with your daughter when she's 6 and you're 22. You meet a nice guy in the kid's clothing section. The man is 23 and he has a 7 year old son. He asks you to go out for coffe. You accept the date. You and this man eventually go on lots of dates until you decide to get engaged. Name his son after your partner, with a middle name that your partner likes but you do not.

    When your daughter is 7 and his son is 8, you get married officially and go on a honeymoon. You get pregnant right away, with BG twins. Name the girl something girly and princessy, and the boy something strictly male. Both have unisex mns.

    When you're 24, your husband's 25, your daughter is 8, your stepson is 9, and the twins are a year old, you decide to try for another baby together, figuring this one would probably be your last. Turns out, you have TRIPLETS! One boy, two girls. Give one girl a food fn, with a mn after your grandmother. Name the other girl with a virtue fn, and her mn after your partner's grandmother. Name the boy a name you love, but would never use, and his mn after your dad.

    You decide no more kids, but then have an "oopsie" when your thirty, your husband's 31, your stepson is 15, your daughter is 14, the twins are 6, and the triplets are 5, you give birth to a little boy. You name him a nature name, to thank mother nature for giving you your son, and his mn is after your partner's father.

    Your daughter followed your path of being a teen mom. When she's 16, your stepson's 17, the twins are 9, the triplets are 8, and the little boy is three, she gives birth to a beautiful little girl. They give her a typical teen-mom name, and her mn is YOUR name, to honor you!

    When your stepson is 20, he marries a beautiful girl named: . They automatically get pregnant and give birth to twins, a boy and a girl. They name the boy your partner's name, with a strictly masculine mn, and the girl a feminine fn with a unisex mn.

    A year later, you adopt a little girl from China. You name her your favorite girl name ever. She's your very last child.

    All your kids and grandkids names:

    Hope you had fun!
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