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    Nov 2012
    A 18 year old girl with a penchant for names (◡‿◡✿)
    Current Favorites [changes frequently]:
    ♀: Robyn, Zoe, Lux, Terra, Romy, Salem, Pearl
    ♂: Wolf, Orion, Knox, Archer, Beau, Flynn

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    Jan 2013
    West Midlands, UK
    Mum&Dad = Brenna Cathleen and Steven Michael Johnson

    Year1 = Not pregnant.
    Year2 = Not pregnant.
    Year3 = Twin boys, Tobias Henry and Sebastian Keith.
    Year4 = Not pregnant.
    Year5 = Not pregnant.
    Year6 = Not pregnant.
    Year7 = Singelton boy, Jeremy James.
    Year8 = Septuplets? Arthur Beckett, Kate Nicola, Leigh Vivienne, Rose Barbara, May Georgina, Grace Matilda, and Edmund Phoenix.
    Year9 = Not pregnant.
    Year10= Singleton boy, Sydney Vincent.

    At the end of 10 years...
    Brenna and Steve with:
    Tobias, Seb, Jem/JJ, Arthur, Katie, Leigh, Rose, May, Gracie, Edmund, and Sydney.
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Mar 2013
    This is my made up family.
    Step 1
    The mother's name is Jenna Lauren Fields.
    The father's name is Jacob Allen Fields

    Year One: Pregnant
    Girl - Mackenzie Marie
    Girl - Reese Sariah
    Girl - Allison Renee

    Year 2
    Not Pregnant

    Year 3
    Girl - Megan Jane
    Boy - Mason James
    Girl - Nora Elizabeth
    Boy - James Alexander
    Girl - Natalie Marie
    Girl - Danielle Therese
    Girl - Erin McKinley
    Girl - Emilie Alice
    Girl - Maggie Jenna

    Year 4
    Not Pregnant

    Year 5
    Girl - Leah Hope
    Boy - Joel Kevin
    Boy - Collin Lucas
    Girl - Hannah Joy
    Girl - Alexis Faith
    Boy - Aaden Jonathan

    Year 6
    Not Pregnant

    Year 7
    Not Pregnant

    Year 8
    Not Pregnant

    Year 9
    Girl - Chloe Jane
    Boy - Jason John
    Boy - Jonathan Jacob

    Year 10
    Boy - Daniel Joseph
    Girl - Penelope June
    Girl - Britton May
    Boy - Adam David
    Boy - Jacob Allen Jr.

    I ended up with... 24 Children!

    Mackenzie Marie
    Reese Sariah
    Allison Renee
    Megan Jane
    Mason James
    Nora Elizabeth
    James Alexander
    Natalie Marie
    Danielle Therese
    Erin McKinley
    Emilie Alice
    Maggie Jenna
    Leah Hope
    Joel Kevin
    Collin Lucas
    Hannah Joy
    Alexis Faith
    Aaden Jonathan
    Chloe Jane
    Jason John
    Jonathan Jacob
    Daniel Joseph
    Penelope June
    Britton May
    Adam David
    Jacob Allen, Jr.

    That was fun, thanks!
    Dreaming of the day when I have three kids; Sebastian, Matisse, and Natalie

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    Apr 2012
    Parents: Michelle Susan and Derek Christian Hale

    Year 1: Not pregnant

    Year 2: Triplets- Eloise, Julianne, and Keira

    Year 3: One child- Athena

    Year 4: Not pregnant

    Year 5: sextuplets- Cruz, Bennett, Colton, Piper, Kayden and Ramona

    Year 6: Not pregnant

    Year 7: Not pregnant

    Year 8: Quints- Jonas, Fletcher, Hadley, Odette, and Ezekiel

    Year 9: Not pregnant

    Year 10: Triplets- Walter, Beatrice, and Seraphina

    How many kids? 18 kids 10 girls and 8 boys

    The Hale's : Eloise (Ella), Julianne (Ann), Keira, Athena, Cruz, Bennett (Ben), Colton, Piper (Pippa), Kayden, Ramona (Romy), Jonas (Joey), Fletcher, Hadley (Hattie) , Odette (Dottie) , Ezekiel (Zeke) , Walter (Walt) , Beatrice (Bea) , and Seraphina (Sera).
    Mommy to Hudson Dean (11/14/12) and TTC #2

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    Jun 2013
    Dad: Matthew Joseph
    Mom: Elizabeth Emily

    1. Not pregnant

    2. Girl
    Adelaide Lydia

    3. Not pregnant

    4. Girl
    Bridget Lena

    5. Septuplets-boy, girl, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy
    Graham Christopher
    Nora Catherine
    Leo Alexander
    Oliver Matthew
    Edwin Michael
    Bennett James
    Henry Franklin

    6. Not pregnant

    7. Not pregnant

    8. Not pregnant

    9. Quintuplets-boy, girl, girl, boy, girl
    Luca Douglas
    Amelia Judith
    Gabriella Madeline
    Matteo Josiah
    Gemma Eleanor

    10. Octuplets-boy, boy, boy, girl, girl, boy, boy, boy
    Nico Simon
    Julian Theodore
    Arthur Jacob
    Hollis Evangeline
    Vivian Isadora
    Nathaniel Oscar
    Calvin Samuel
    Josiah Ethan

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