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    Re: How Many Kids Can You Have in 10 Years???

    Step 1: Name the parents Clara Belle Hazel and Scott Jeremy Archer

    Step 2: Roll the dice for each year: even number means you get pregnant; odd number means you don't.

    Step 3: If you rolled an even number, roll the dice again to find out how many children are born in that year. (1 baby through dectuplets)

    Step 4: For each child, roll the dice to determine the sex; even means girl, odd means boy.

    Step 5: Name the babies

    Year 1: 8 babies, Genevieve, Beatrix, Eden, Emilia, Juliet, Daniel, Alexander, Gwendolen
    Year 2: not pregnant
    Year 3: 10 babies, Theodore, Samson, Luciana, Micah, David, Aurora, Jessamine, Vivienne,
    Valeria, James
    Year 4: 6 babies, Ember, Allana, Malachi, Jett, Mat, Ashur
    Year 5: 8 babies, Mallory, Alexandria, Josephine, Penelope, William, Thomas, Oliver, Elisabeth
    Year 6: Not pregnant
    Year 7: 8 babies, Leandra, Miriam, Phineas, Kieran, Tabitha, Jacob, Abigail, Arabelle
    Year 8: Not pregnant
    Year 9: 6 babies, Audrey, Amelia, George, Dexter, Maxwell, Jack
    Year 10: 10 babies, Kenneth, Jasper, Molly, Jane, Evelyn, Violet, Liliana, Ariel, Ezekiel, Zane

    Step 6: How many kids do you have by the end of Year 10? If you want, you can list all their names.


    Jenny, Trixie, Edie, Millie, Jules, Danny, Xander, Gwen, Teddy, Sam, Lucie, Mike, Davey, Rosie, Jessie, Viv, Val, Jamie, Em, Lana, Mal, Jett, Mat, Ash, Lora, Lexy, Josie, Pippa, Billy, Tommy, Olly, Beth/Betty, Lea, Miri, Finn, Kier, Tabby, Jake, Abby, Ara, Audi, Amy, Georgie, Dex, Max, Jacky, Kenny, Jazz, Moll, Janie, Evvy, Vi, Lili, Ari, Zeke, Zane
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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