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    Adalia Lee Rosen
    Maximus Chase Martinez
    1: girl, boy, girl: Rosamel Adah, Armin Parker, Liliosa Ruth
    2: nothing
    3: boy, boy, girl, girl: Isidore Charles, Sage Jackson, Kitty Rowena, Mara Chance
    4: boy, girl, boy, boy, girl: Kit Markus, Delilah Louise, Addison John, Rory Emerson, Desiree Mary
    5: girl, boy, boy, girl, girl, boy, girl, boy: Elysia Gweneth, Dara Lucas, Morgan Finn, Juniper Audra, Clementine Quinn, Clancy Parker, Eloise Jane
    6: nothing
    7: girl, boy, boy, girl, girl, boy, boy, girl, boy, girl: Luna Liv, Tate Donovan, Tracey Oakley, Nella April, Fiona Quinn, Juneau Sage, Septimus July, Odette Augustine, Martin Parker, Dinah October
    8: nothing
    9: boy, girl, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy: Addison Bertram, Cecily Dove, Eulalie Freya, Gavin Hawthorne, Isolde Jezebella, Kellen Lincoln, Marina Noir, Oliver Paul
    10: nothing

    6 pregnancies, 38 children - 19 girls, 19 boys

    Btw, the odds mean the average amount of kids had in one round of this game should be around 27.5.
    (And I'd guess that the tested average is probably a bit higher.)
    "Wren." Teenberry (14). Far from kids, but name obsessed.
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    I'm going to play it a little different and make it all girls!

    Holly Elizabeth and James Oliver Smith

    Year One: Not Pregnant
    Year Two: Pregnant
    Year Two: Triplets
    Year Two: Matisse Marie, Megan Jane, Mackenzie Anne
    Year Three: Not Pregnant
    Year Four: Pregnant
    Year Four: Triplets
    Year Four: Natalie Liberty, Reese Sariah, Victoria Elizabeth
    Year Five: Not Pregnant
    Year Six: Not Pregnant
    Year Seven: Not Pregnant
    Year Eight: Pregnant
    Year Eight: Triplets! Wow!
    Year Eight: Aniston Alexis, Allston Renee, Acacia June
    Year Nine: Not Pregnant
    Year Ten: Pregnant
    Year Ten: Triplets! OH MY GOSH INSANE MUCH
    Year Ten: Erin Gwendolyn, Whitney Grace, Charlotte Hollis

    How cool is that? Triplets every 2 years!
    Dreaming of the day when I have three kids; Sebastian, Matisse, and Natalie

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    Parents:Sara Viviene Thorne
    Paul Dashiell Thorne

    Year 1 - Pregnant. Septuplets. 5 Girls + 2 Boys
    Helena Ruby Thorne
    Gabriel Hudson Thorne
    Caroline Ivy Thorne
    Bonnie Imogen Thorne
    Frederick Anton Thorne
    Violet Adeline Thorne
    Ariadne Olivia Thorne

    Year 2 - Not Pregnant

    Year 3 - Pregnant. Septuplets. 6 Boys + 1 Girl
    Elijah Wyatt Thorne
    Samuel Avery Thorne
    Caspar William Thorne
    Amelia Wren Thorne
    Sebastian Henry Thorne
    Schuyler Marcus Thorne
    Nicholas Abbot Thorne

    Year 4 - Pregnant. Triplets. 2 Girls + 1 Boy
    Clara Beatrice Thorne
    Austin Nathaniel Thorne
    Sophia Lorraine Thorne

    Year 5 - Pregnant. Quads. 2 Girls + 2 Boys
    Donovan Alaric Thorne
    Landon Gregory Thorne
    Aurora Isobel Thorne
    Olive Evangeline Thorne

    Year 6 - Pregnant. Twins. 2 Girls
    Johanna Maeve Thorne
    Iris Emmeline Thorne

    Year 7 - Not Pregnant

    Year 8 - Pregnant. Nonuplets. 4 Girls & 5 Boys
    Anna Juliette Thorne
    Noah Theodore Thorne
    Saffron Melinda Thorne
    Rebekah Willow Thorne
    Alexander Levi Thorne
    Selene Elora Thorne
    Graeme Everett Thorne
    Stefan Matthias Thorne
    Silas Aaron Thorne

    Year 9 - Not Pregnant

    Year 10 - Pregnant. Dectuplets. 3 Boys & 7 Girls
    Amara Daphne Thorne
    Veronica Opal Thorne
    Dominic Evan Thorne
    Zachariah Dante Thorne
    Sage Arabella Thorne
    Maria Lillian Thorne
    Wesley Joshua Thorne
    Catherine Eloise Thorne
    Reina Marielle Thorne
    Estelle Alexandra Thorne
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    First of 2014! Going to play this a little different to help me write a story

    Parents: Joseph and Quinn Kalen

    Year 1: Pregnant
    Year 1: First Daughter - Matisse Kalen and George Collins
    Year 1: 5 Children
    Year 1: Quinn, 10, George, 9, Catherine, 6, Natalie, 2, Oliver, 1,

    Year 2: Pregnant
    Year 2: Second Daughter - Natalie Kalen and Freddie James
    Year 2: 1 Child
    Year 2: Joey, 5

    Year 3: Pregnant
    Year 3: Third Daughter - Reese Kalen and Jake Geldrich
    Year 3: 10 Children
    Year 3: Kayla, 10, Jacob, 9, Robert, 9, Kyle, 7, Charlie, 7, Sariah, 6, Landon, 5, Xander, 3, Darci, 2, Danielle, 2

    Year 4: Not Pregnant

    Year 5: Pregnant
    Year 5: Fourth Daughter - Eloise Kalen and Shane Terrence
    Year 5: 7 Children
    Year 5: Jason, 9, Reese, 8, Aaden, 5, Caleb, 5, Grace, 4, Molly, 4, Sarah, 4,

    Year 6: Pregnant
    Year 6: Fifth Daughter - Allison Kalen and Rick Brooklyn
    Year 6: 9 Children
    Year 6: Elisabeth, 8, Jack, 5, John, 5, Claire, 4, Heather, 2, Daniel, 1, Paul, 1, Matthew, 1, Paige, 1

    Year 7: Not Pregnant

    Year 8: Pregnant
    Year 8: Sixth Daughter - Brooke Kalen and James Gordon
    Year 8: 4 Children
    Year 8: Vivienne, 8, James, 7, Laurent, 7, David, 5

    Year 9: Pregnant
    Year 9: Seventh Daughter - Paige Kalen and Joshua Nickels
    Year 9: 5 Children
    Year 9: Hunter, 9, Chloe, 8, Cassia, 6, Thomas, 3, Luke, 1

    Year 10: Not Pregnant
    Dreaming of the day when I have three kids; Sebastian, Matisse, and Natalie

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    Ashby Jennifer and Blake Nolan

    Y1: Quadruplets (B/G/G/G)! Cade Apollo, Signy Aberdeen, Dagny Alaia, & Gabi Ramona
    Y2: No babies
    Y3: No babies
    Y4: Septuplets (G/G/B/B/B/B/G)! Leonie Camdyn, Ripley Noelle, Leith Rowan, Keats Matthew, Charles "Charlie" Jackson, Aaron Gabriel, and Fallon Georgia
    Y5: Sextuplets (B/B/B/B/B/B)! Sawyer Andrew, Leo Jensen, Maxwell "Max" Noah, Finn Jacob, Archer Lennox, and Henry Griffin
    Y6: No babies
    Y7: Septuplets (G/B/G/B/G/B/B)! Madeleine "Maddie" Grier, Axel Jameson, Lilith "Lily" Amanda, Huxley Owen, Pippa Leanne, Braxton Kiefer, and Thatcher Yates
    Y8: Twins (B/B)! Keegan Alexander and Sadler Evan
    Y9: Nontuplets (G/B/G/G/G/G/B/G/G)! Clea Monet, Sebastian Gunner, Isobel Marjani, Stella Elspeth, Elodie "Ellie" Tamsin, Priscilla "Cilla" Elaine, Elowen Aurora, Rory Mason, Marin Sofia, and Saffron Alexis
    Y10: Octuplets (G/B/G/B/B/B/G/B)! Calla Nouvel, Deacon Robert, Romilly "Romy" Cosette, Acker Levon, Tate Huxley, Jules Auden, Teagan Naomi, and Decker Roman

    Ashby & Blake with Cade, Signy, Dagny, & Gabi (10), Leonie, Ripley, Leith, Keats, Charlie, Aaron, & Fallon (7), Sawyer, Leo, Max, Finn, Archer, & Henry (6), Maddie, Axel, Lily, Huxley, Pippa, Braxton, & Thatcher (4), Keegan & Sadler (3), Clea, Sebastian, Isobel, Stella, Ellie, Cilla, Elowen, Rory, Marin, & Saffron (2), Calla, Deacon, Romy, Acker, Tate, Jules, Teagan & Decker (1).

    Quadruplets + Septuplets + Sextuplets + Septuplets + Twins + Nontuplets+ Octuplets = A total of 45 kids
    ~ Lindsay ~

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