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    Aug 2013
    DH: Mitchell Adam Jensen
    DW: Michelle Lynn Jensen (nee Collins)

    Y1: Pregnant. 10 babies. DS/DD/DS/DD/DS/DD/DD/DS/DS/DD: Oliver Charles Jensen, Fiona Mae Jensen, Noah Parker Jensen, Piper Grace Jensen, Dominic Ray Jensen, Lola Avery Jensen, Monroe Ireland Jensen, Horatio Drew Jensen, Owen Vance Jensen and Viola Nicole Jensen
    Y2: Not pregnant.
    Y3: Pregnant. 6 babies. DS/DD/DD/DS/DS/DS: Dexter "Dex" Kyle Jensen, Lorraine Beth Jensen, Natalie Amber Jensen, Levi Beau Jensen, Cooper Felix Jensen, and Sylvester Blake Jensen
    Y4: Not pregnant.
    Y5: Not pregnant.
    Y6: Not pregnant.
    Y7: Pregnant. 7 babies. DD/DS/DD/DD/DS/DD/DS: Aurora "Rory" Faye Jensen, Peyton Douglas Jensen, Daisy Alexandra Jensen, Kennedy Elizabeth Jensen, Sebastian Bryce Jensen, Lucy Rose Jensen and Declan Thomas Jensen
    Y8: Not pregnant.
    Y9: Pregnant. 3 babies. DS/DS/DD: Elliot Bentley Jensen, Wyatt Gabriel Jensen and Penelope Noelle Jensen
    Y10: Not pregnant.

    Oliver, Fiona, Noah, Piper, Dominic, Lola, Monroe, Horatio, Owen, Viola, Dex, Lorraine, Natalie, Levi, Cooper, Sylvester, Rory, Peyton, Daisy, Kennedy, Sebastian, Lucy, Declan, Elliot, Wyatt, and Penelope
    My princess [11/24/09], my little man [4/25/10], my munchkin [2/13/12], and my boys [12/3/13]

    Who are you to judge the life I live? I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean. ~ Bob Marley

    ~Pertussis (whooping cough) can be a fatal disease, especially in infants~
    Rest peacefully Lily Reece

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    Mar 2013
    Holianne Marissa and Joseph John Smith

    Year 1: Not Pregnant
    Year 2: Not Pregnant
    Year 3: Pregnant
    Year 3: Quintuplets
    Year 3: Mackenzie Marie, Megan Jane, Erin Elizabeth, Piper Rue, Reese Sariah
    Year 4: Not Pregnant
    Year 5: Pregnant
    Year 5: Septuplets
    Year 5: Alaska Belle, Grace McKenna, Mason James, Ella Marina, Daniel Joseph, Adam David, Michael John
    Year 6: Pregnant
    Year 6: One
    Year 6: Rowan Michelle
    Year 7: Not Pregnant
    Year 8: Not Pregnant
    Year 9: Not Pregnant
    Year 10: Not Pregnant

    The Smiths
    Holli and Joe

    Mackenzie, Megan, Erin, Piper, and Reese, 12
    Alaska, Grace, Ella, Daniel, Mason, Adam, and Michael, 10
    Rowan, 9

    4 Boys, 9 Girls, 13 Children
    Dreaming of the day when I have three kids; Sebastian, Matisse, and Natalie

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    DH: Zachary David
    DW: Sarah Jane
    YEAR 1: pregnant; 5: B/B/G/B/B
    DS: Charles David (Charlie)
    DS: Henry Benjamin (Hank)
    DD: Ruby Jean
    DS: Jasper Andrew
    DS: Sebastian Christopher (Bastian)

    YEAR 2: pregnant; 5: B/B/G/G/G
    DS: James Robert (J.R.)
    DS: Thomas Michael (Tommy)
    DD: Cora Madeline (Cece)
    DD: Margaret June (Maisie)
    DD: Annabelle Cecille (Bella)

    YEAR 3: pregnant; 5: B/B/G/G/G
    DS: Felix Bartholomew (Fee)
    DS: Jack Simon
    DD: Audrey Susannah (Susie)
    DD: Claire Evangeline
    DD: Grace Tabitha (Gracie)

    YEAR 4: pregnant; 5: G/G/G/B/G
    DD: Rosalie Anne (Rosie)
    DD: Caroline Mae
    DD: Jane Louisa
    DS: Philip Oliver (Pip)
    DD: Lucy Elisabeth

    YEAR 5: pregnant; 2: B/G
    DS: Arthur Daniel (Artie)
    DD: Beatrice Linnea (Bea)

    YEAR 6: pregnant; 5: G/G/B/G/B
    DD: Hazel Catherine (Hazy)
    DD: Josephine Marie (Jojo)
    DS: Alastair Jude (A.J.)
    DD: Evangeline Ruth (Lena)
    DS: George Allen

    YEAR 7: not pregnant

    YEAR 8: pregnant; 10: G/G/B/B/G/B/B/G/B/B
    DD: Matilda Violet (Tillie)
    DD: Amelia Diane (Millie)
    DS: Owen Richard
    DS: Ethan Clark
    DD: Vivian Leanne (Vivi)
    DS: Barnaby Tyler (Barney)
    DS: Gilbert Jonathan (Gibbs)
    DD: Clementine Faith (Cleo)
    DS: Linus Matthew
    DS: William Lewis (Will)

    YEAR 9: not pregnant

    YEAR 10: not pregnant

    37 CHILDREN!!!!
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    Nov 2013
    DW: Lily Claire Ronan
    DH: Henry Connor Harris

    1. Not pregnant
    2. Quadruplets, DD/DD/DD/DD: Meredith Anne/Hazel Alice/Sadie Grace/Rose Evangeline (8)
    3. Not pregnant
    4. Not pregnant
    5. Not pregnant
    6. Not pregnant
    7. Not pregnant
    8. Twins, DD/DS: Maisie Blair/Bennett Oliver (2)
    9. Not pregnant
    10. Quadruplets, DD/DD/DD/DS: Charlotte Lily/Olive Tessa/Penelope Lucy "Penny"/Liam Isaac (nb)

    Meredith, Hazel, Sadie, Rose, Maisie, Bennett, Charlotte, Olive, Penny and Liam

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    Mar 2012
    Parents: Jasmine Renee and Dillon Andrew

    Year 1: Pregnant - Twins - Gideon James and Gabrielle Jade
    Year 2: Pregnant - Novtuplets - Bentley Ryan, Brooklyn May, Bethany Rose, Buster Michael, Bryan Levi, Briony Grace, Barclay Ismael, Bennett Rohan, and Blythe AnneMarie
    Year 3: Pregnant - Dectuplets - Zara Anneliese, Yasmine Renee, Xanthe Willow, Wyatt John, Vincent Luke, Ulysses Mark, Tatiana Clare, Simon Hugh, Rafferty Liam, and Quinn Angelica
    Year 4: Pregnant - Septuplets - Marilyn Jessica, Melvin Jasper, Martine Eloise, Marcella Penny, Mervin Vance, Magdalen Lily, and Malea Brittany
    Year 5: Pregnant - Twins - George Alan and Grady Aaron
    Year 6: Not Pregnant
    Year 7: Pregnant - Quintuplets - Orville Nicholas, Oswald Bailey, Octavia Felicity, Ondine Marcia, and Ogden Mitchell
    Year 8: Not pregnant
    Year 9: Pregnant - Sextuplets - Epiphany Jane, Evangeline June, Elaine Michelle, Erasmus Leo, Etienne Nigel, and Ebony Anna
    Year 10: Pregnant - Triplets - Kathleen Maya, Kallista Chloe, and Kenneth Rory

    Number of children: 44
    Name loving BritBerry

    Little ladies
    .: Keren Theodosia ♥ Clara Tempest ♥ Eloise Clarity :.
    .: Polly Jamesina ♥ Yvaine Celia ♥ Freya Guinevere :.

    Little gents
    .: Asher Bellamy ♥ Vander Ignatius ♥ Lennon Samuel :.
    .: Finley Balthasar ♥ Jago Fletcher ♥ Isaac Bravery :.

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