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    Step 1

    Father: Michael Henry Rivers
    Mother: Alyssa Temperance Rivers

    Step 2

    1. not
    2. not
    3. pregnant
    4. not
    5. pregnant
    6. pregnant
    7. not
    8. not
    9. not
    10. pregnant

    Step 3 + 4

    3. 5 (b,b,b,g,g)
    5. 2 (b,g)
    6. 7 (g,b,b,g,b,g,g)
    10. 3 (b,g,b)

    Step 5

    year 3: Quintuplets: Andrew Neilson, Noah Aaron, Gabriel Kenneth, Alexis Ann, Lauren Elizabeth

    year 5: Twins: Avery Rhys, Aria Rayne

    year 6: Septuplets: Spencer Nicole, Nolan Ezra, Parker Alexander, Kimberly Grace, Alice Marie, Wyatt Owen, Krista Teal

    year 10: Triplets: Justin Jameson, Jillian Kate, Jayden Dean

    Step 6

    17 Kids

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    Step 1: Cordelia Ruth and Lysander Philip

    Y1: Alethea Ruth, Beatrice Pearl, Caleb Finn, Duncan Jude, Elias Grant
    Y2: Not Pregnant
    Y3: Fiona Bliss, Genevieve Clare, Harris Vaughn, Ian Seth, Julia Wren, Katrina Elle, Levi Zane, Mathias Hale,
    Y4: Not Pregnant
    Y5: Nathaniel Mark, Ophelia Lace, Persephone Kate, Quinn Xandra, Rose Unity, Salome Dove, Titania Air, Uziah Quest, Vassilis Yale,
    Y6: Not Pregnant
    Y7: Ward Obadiah, Xavier Tres, Yoseph North
    Y8: Not Pregnant
    Y9: Zoe Iris
    Y10: Not Pregnant

    26 kids!
    (my personal challenge was to go through with the first name and do alphabetical order; middle names also had to be only using each letter of the alphabet once; extra challenge was for the most part every middle name was one syllable; of the middle name has more than one syllable the first name is just one. ... except Zoe Iris.)
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    Ontario, Canada
    Edward Robert Gray and Clara Jane Evans get pregnant 5 times

    1. Cecelia Jane Evans-Gray, age 10
    2. Vera Adelaide, Eleanor Catherine and Callum Robert Evans-Gray, age 8
    3. Elisabeth Clara Evans-Gray, age 5
    4. Meredith Elaina, Lillian June and Felicity Rowan Evans-Gray, age 3
    5. Declan Keith Evans-Gray, newborn

    Cece, Vera, Nora, Cal, Betsy, Meredith Lillian, Felicity and Declan

    9 kids in 10 years!

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    Parents: Stephanie Brooke and William Paul Page

    Year 1: Not pregnant
    Year 2: Pregnant, 1 Boy, Heath William Page
    Year 3: Not pregnant
    Year 4: Pregnant, Septuplets (B/G/B/B/G/G/B) Ezra Matthew Page, Ramona Constance Page, Samuel (nn Sam) Kenneth Page, Callum David Page, Demi Mary-Grace Page, Natalie Colleen Page, Isaac (nn Ike) Kurtis Page
    Year 5: Pregnant, 1 girl, Amelia Jane Page
    Year 6: Pregnant, Twins (B/B) Nolan Michael Page, Emerson Dalton Page
    Year 7: Pregnant, Quints (B/B/G/G/G) Amos Cash Page, Nicholas (nn Nick) James Page, Bernadette Jean Page, Veda Olivia Page, Lydia Nicole Page
    Year 8: Not pregnant
    Year 9: Pregnant, Octuplets (B/G/B/G/B/G/B/B/B/G) Gunnar Jacob Page, Sadie Ava Page, Oliver Adam Page, Anniston Ivy Page, Seth Brian Page, Susanna Courtney Page, Andrew (nn Drew) Peter Page, Landon Charles Page, Gavin Gabriel Page, Juliet Jean Page
    Year 10: Pregnant, Quads (B/G/G/B) Elijah Dennis Page, Layla Gwenyth Page, Hallie Madeline Page, Cody Lee Page

    27 children total

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