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    @ilcmcdt You have 2 children named Ryder! Lol!

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    Nora Helena Winters-McCrory and James Robert McCrory

    Year 1 - Yes - Octuplets - GGGGBBBB - Helena Joy "Nell", Cordelia Rose "Cora", Mary Indigo, Thisbe Michaela, Hugo Georges, Oliver James, Edmund Reid "Teddy" and Henry John McCrory.
    Year 2 - Yes - Novtuplets - GGGGBBBBB - Tobias Frederick, Gideon Joseph, Leopold Duncan "Leo", Patrick Christopher, Lewis Jack, Susannah Lily "Susie", Andromeda Tessa "Annie", Astoria Lilith and Petra Sofia McCrory.
    Year 3 - No
    Year 4 - Yes - Quadruplets - GGGB - Owen Finley, Aurelia Claire, Lavinia Sybil and Octavia Jane McCrory
    Year 5 - Yes - Triplets - GGB - Summer Azalea, Mae Hyacinth and Sparrow Lily
    Year 6 - Yes - Septuplets - GGBBBBB - Alice Thyme, Diana Rosemary, Noah Beckett, Kieran Rhett, Niles Bennett, Finn Everett McCrory
    Year 7 - No
    Year 8 - Yes - Twins - GG - Garland Hazel and Laurel Autumn
    Year 9 - No
    Year 10 - Yes - Quadruplets - GBBB - Athena Mireille, Callum Isaiah "Cal", Asher Calvin and Ian Edward McCrory

    Nora and James: Nell, Cora, Mary, Thisbe, Hugo, Oliver, Teddy, Henry, Tobias, Gideon, Leo, Patrick, Lewis, Susie, Annie, Astoria, Petra, Owen, Aurelia, Lavinia, Octavia, Summer, Mae, Sparrow, Alice, Diana, Noah, Kieran, Niles, Finn, Garland, Laurel, Athena, Cal, Asher and Ian

    33 Kids!

    ♥♥♥ Elizabeth ~ Alice ~ Anneliese ~ Violet ~ Eve ~ Mireille ~ Amelie ~ Catherine ~ Emmeline ~ River ~ Sophia ~ Rose ~ Eliska ~ Sybil ♥♥♥

    ♥♥♥ James ~ Lysander ~ Rory ~ Hugo ~ Gavin ~ Niles ~ Salem ~ Bennett ~ Callum ~ Noah ~ Jude ~ Patrick ~ Luke ~ Owen ♥♥♥

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    Parents: Elliana Sky Hutcherson and Tate Joshua Hutcherson

    1. None
    2. None
    3. Quadruplets G/G/G/G, Evie Madeline, Maisie Charlotte, Andrina Elizabeth, and Kaylynn Nicole
    4. None
    5. Novtuplets B/B/B/B/B/G/G/B/B, Jasper Reed, Kieran James, Niall Vaughn, Decklan Jacob, Atticus Gray, Sterling Rhys, Aria Layne, Ariel Jade and Griffin Isaac
    6. Twins G/B, Violetta Rae and Nohl Landon
    7. None
    8.Sextuplets B/B/G/B/G/B, Chandler Anthony, Devlin Erik, Emersyn Rose, Gavin Josiah, Hollyn Maria, and Kellan Benjamin
    9. Octuplets G/G/G/B/B/G/B/G, Kiersten Anne, Nadia Bell, Lucia Noelle, Kolton Alexander, Jaron Elliott, Felicity Sage, Kai Matthew and Georgiana Leigh
    10. None

    29 Kids!
    Favorite Names
    Girls: Adalyn, Aria, Darcy, Hollyn, Isla, Kaylynn, Lyra, Maisie
    Boys: Atticus, Chandler, Declan, Ezra, Holden, Kieran, Parrish, Silas My name list!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    LN: Felix
    DH: Jameson Frederick "Jamie"
    DW: Julia Adelaide

    DS/DD: Jack August Cole and Isabelle Aurora Grace "Jack and Bella" (9 yrs)
    DD/DS: Arianne Eleanor Kate and Caleb Elias Joseph "Ari and Caleb" (7 yrs)
    DS/DD/DD/DS/DD/DD/DD: Everett Joshua Charles, Olivia Wren Camille, Violet Ophelia Claire, Asher Patrick Zane, Rachel Clara Evangeline, Liliana Odette Pearl, and Daphne Imogen Ruby "Ev, Olive, Violet, Ash, Rachel, Lily, and Daphne" (6 yrs)
    DD/DS: Lydia Emilia Jane and Grayson Isaac Jude "Lydie and Gray" (5 yrs)
    DD/DD/DS/DD/DS/DS/DS/DS/DD: Magda Juliet Fleur, Helena Josephine Tess, Brody Daniel Zane, Hannah Eve Rose, Spencer Ezra Rhys, Bailey Eamon Calvin, Avery Samuel George, Noah Beckett Flynn, and Genevieve Adora Lark "Magda, Leni, Brody, Hannah, Spencer, Bailey, Avery, Noah, and Evie" (4 yrs)
    DS/DS/DD/DS/DD/DS/DS/DS/DD/DD: Silas Alexander Finn, Maxwell Bennett Jules, Eliska Seraphina Rue, Emerson Thomas Luke, Charlotte Eden Winter, Boone Isaiah Leo, Zane Christian Theodore, Henry Oscar Nicholas, Serena Esther Gabrielle, and Amaya Thisbe Iris "Silas, Max, Ella, Emerson, Lottie, Boone, Zane, Henry, Wren, and Amaya" (2 yrs)
    DS/DD/DS/DD/DS/DD/DD: Paxton Archer Lane, Caroline Willa Hope, Jonah Stefan William, Elizabeth Sophie Nadia, Holden Riley Peter, Aurelia Bryony Jean, and Kaia Tabitha Lou "Pax, Lola, Jonah, Tilly, Holden, Lea, and Kaia" (1 yr)

    Jamie and Julia Felix, and their 37 (!!!) kids! Jack, Bella, Ari, Caleb, Ev, Olive, Violet, Ash, Rachel, Lily, Daphne, Lydie, Gray, Magda, Leni, Brody, Hannah, Spencer, Bailey, Avery, Noah, Evie, Silas, Max, Ella, Emerson, Lottie, Boone, Zane, Henry, Wren, Amaya, Pax, Lola, Jonah, Tilly, Holden, Lea, and Kaia.
    Ashley | namenerd | Christian | storyteller

    my most precious darlings:
    Isabelle Aurora Grace "Bella"Casper Nathaniel Eden "Cap"

    the little ladies:
    Adele Sofia EloiseGenevieve Simona JaneGrace Odilia Camille
    Eloisa Noemi "Lola"Felicity Emmanuelle

    the little gentlemen:
    Thomas Paolo BenjaminSamuel Gaspard JohnHugo Emerson Jack
    Teague SebastianZiven Santiago

    I'm writing a story--join me! here

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    Step 1: Ella Grace Baker & Nolan Chase Baker

    Step 2: Yr. 1- No
    Yr. 2- Triplets (3): B/B/G
    Yr. 3- No
    Yr. 4- Twins (2): B/B
    Yr. 5- Dectuplets (10): G/B/G/B/B/G/B/G/B/G
    Yr. 6- Quadruplets (4): G/B/G/G
    Yr. 7- No
    Yr. 8- Octuplets (8): G/G/G/B/B/G/B/G
    Yr. 9- No
    Yr. 10- No

    Step 5: Triplets:
    Shane Ryder Baker
    Brady Oliver Baker
    Zoey Angela Baker

    Jett Austin Baker
    Dallas Vincent Baker

    Beatrice Ivy Baker
    Eliza Juliet Baker
    Julia Patience Baker
    Serena Georgia Baker
    Sophia Alice Baker
    Adam David Baker
    Andrew Josiah Baker
    Jacob Levi Baker
    Isaac Nathaniel Baker
    Matthew Peter Baker

    Eva Clementine Baker
    Arabella Gracie Baker
    Layla Ruby Baker
    Beckham Jordan Baker

    Abigail Joanna Baker
    Chloe Rachel Baker
    Hannah Elizabeth Baker
    Leah Mary Baker
    Sarah Naomi
    Cole James Baker
    Grant Paul Baker
    Seth Charles Baker

    Step 6: How many kids do you have by the end of Year 10? 27

    Ella & Nolan

    Shane (8)
    Brady (8)
    Zoey (8)
    Jett (6)
    Dallas (6)
    Bea (5)
    Eliza (5)
    Julia (5)
    Serena (5)
    Sophia (5)
    Adam (5)
    Drew (5)
    Jacob (5)
    Isaac (5)
    Matt (5)
    Eva (4)
    Bella (4)
    Layla (4)
    Beck (4)
    Abby (2)
    Chloe (2)
    Hannah (2)
    Leah (2)
    Sarah (2)
    Cole (2)
    Grant (2)
    Seth (2)

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