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Thread: Alison

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    I like Alison this spelling, the other website I am on is not much of a help. Can you please review my combos and let me know your favorites. Are any don't work please point them out as well. Thank-you

    Alison Violet
    Alison Ruth
    Alison Rose
    Alison Renee
    Alison Olivia
    Alison Paige
    Alison Naomi
    Alison May
    Alison Mackenzie
    Alison Macey
    Alison Matilda
    Alison Kate
    Alison Hannah
    Alison Genevieve
    Alison Faith
    Alison Grace
    Alison Eve
    Alison Eva
    Alison Elaine
    Alison Claire
    Alison Brooke
    Alison Bridget

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    Re: Alison

    I'm actually surprising myself with how much I like Alison. It's the *only* -son name that I like for a girl.

    The one off your list that I really dislike is Alison Mackenzie. It makes the name sound very trendy and it loses it's appeal. Alison Macey and Alison Brooke don't do anything for me, either.

    Alison Olivia is beautiful! I also really like Alison Genevieve and Alison Claire.

    I know you didn't ask for suggestions, but I thought I would give some anyway - feel free to ignore them, lol.

    Alison Victoria
    Alison Lily
    Alison Amelia - I actually think the alliteration here works.
    Alison Ruby
    Alison Cora / Alison Cordelia
    Alison Juliet

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    Re: Alison

    Here are my thoughts on your name list with my faves in bold. All the best, Mischa.
    Alison Violet - There are a few l's in this combo but I think the spunky Violet picks up Alison a notch.
    Alison Ruth - OK
    Alison Rose - OK
    Alison Renee - Renee doesn't nothing for Alison
    Alison Olivia - No, too matchy with the Al and the Ol.
    Alison Paige - if you like a unisex name in the middle spot, this is the one to choose.
    Alison Naomi - A lot of syllables but doable.
    Alison May - Soft and feminine. Nice one.
    Alison Mackenzie - Very trendy and unappealing
    Alison Macey - Not good
    Alison Matilda - I like the vintage Matilda with the more modern Alison.
    Alison Kate - Fun and quirky
    Alison Hannah - OK
    Alison Genevieve - Even though it's a lot of syllables, the more exotic French middle name gives Alison an extra sparkle. I like it!
    Alison Faith - This has good flow
    Alison Grace - OK but Grace seems like just a filler middle name
    Alison Eve - These two names blend into each other to sound like one long one (alisoneve).
    Alison Eva - See Alison Eve
    Alison Elaine - Too matchy
    Alison Claire = Very soft and pretty!
    Alison Brooke - trendy
    Alison Bridget - Like this combo
    All the best,

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    Re: Alison

    Love the name Alison!

    My top two would have to be Alison Violet and Alison Faith. I agree with what most of what Mischa said in her previous post. Unlike Mischa, however, I find I don't really like Alison Genevive together (Genevive seems too flowery comPared to simpler, elegant Alison) or Alison Claire (if you say it together, it sounds like Ala Sinclair).

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    Re: Alison

    I'm sorry, I'm just not keen on Alison generally. Although I can see the appeal, it seems a bit dated; very 1970's-1990's American to me. Anyway:

    Alison Violet - I love Violet, and it flows very well with Alison.
    Alison Ruth - I've never seen anything very appealing in Ruth. It's sounds OK with Alison.
    Alison Rose - Love Rose, but it's WAY to over used as a mn. It would be nice to hear it in the first spot for a change, though. The flow is OK.
    Alison Renee - Dislike.
    Alison Olivia - I love the flow of this! Even though I am an Olivia myself, I actually quite like it (despite it's popularity).
    Alison Paige - Dislike.
    Alison Naomi - The flow is OK. Naomi doesn't really sit right with Alison though.
    Alison May - Dislike.
    Alison Mackenzie - I'm really not a fan on Mackenzie on girls (In the UK it's almost 100% masculine), and because Alison ends in a quite masculine sound (-son) They don't look right. They don't flow particularly well either, in my opinion.
    Alison Macey - Alison Maisy would be prettier. Macey sounds vulgar.
    Alison Matilda - Love this! They flow wonderfully, and I adore Matilda.
    Alison Kate - OK.
    Alison Hannah - I don't think that Hannah is particularly dated itself, but used with Alison just makes it seem dull.
    Alison Genevieve - Love it, and it really spruces up Alison, but I don't think the flow works very well.
    Alison Faith - I dislike virtue names, especially used as mn's. They seem too much like an easy choice.
    Alison Grace - See Hannah and Faith.
    Alison Eve - See Hannah.
    Alison Eva - Love Eva (Although it's almost as popular as Ava in the UK), but they don't work very well.
    Alison Elaine - See Hannah. I love Eileen, though.
    Alison Claire - I love this combo, although Claire seems slightly boring.
    Alison Brooke - NOOO! Please, please, do not use Brooke.

    Sorry I've been so negative, and waffled on about the 'flow' of names(trust me, I don't even worry about flow usually). I didn't mean to, but I'm just giving honest opinions.
    Rosemary / Briar / Evangeline / Sibyl / Alba

    (im twenty and live in london. names calm my soul.)

    Isidore / Emmett / Hugh / Wilfred / Oberon

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