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    *FOLLOW UP* on my CRAZINESS!!!

    Alright, thanks so much for all your input...Well I believe for right now I have made a decision. *As of right now* DD#3 will be named Isla June. I really appreciate all your help, but I just feel this has the best flow (alone and with her sisters' names) and the name me and DH both really love. There are a couple reasons I am feeling okay with Isla as a way to honor my great grandma, Elma Christene... I have felt since day 1 that there was such a similar *sound* between Elma and Isla and I feel like this is a more modern, softer, and more feminine version of her name--and apparently DH feels this way too and it is one of the reasons he really likes the name as a way to honor her as well. Also, in talking to my mom, she reminded me that my ggma never liked her name Elma, but she did like similar names. I was torn between June (because we love it) and Christene (because that was her mn), but I have a bad association with Christine (regardless of how much I loved my gma) and am having a hard time getting past that and getting on board with two MN's as I haven't done that before and it just seems too long for my style. I know many of you probably don't agree with me, but I really feel like Isla does the job of honoring her and so I don't need to use Christene. Also as a BONUS, in doing WAY TOO MUCH RESEARCH, I found out that Ila in Hungary is a variation of Helen, which was my dad's late mother, and I really love being able to honor that side of the family, as well as my great grandma. Who knows if this decision with "stick", but right now I just feel so good about this...Again, thanks so much for all your info, knowledge and help!

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    Re: *FOLLOW UP* on my CRAZINESS!!!

    Good decision. Great name.

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    Re: *FOLLOW UP* on my CRAZINESS!!!

    Love your choice. I think it is beautiful and will wear well. Best of luck.

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    Re: *FOLLOW UP* on my CRAZINESS!!!

    That's a fabulous combo! I'm glad you made a decision.

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    Re: *FOLLOW UP* on my CRAZINESS!!!

    Sounds like you're in a great spot : D. Isla June is a beautiful name that does definitely honor two family members now from the way you've described it. Well done! All best!

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