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    sibling for Hadley

    I need help finding a girls name to go with our daughter's name, Hadley Grace. Our last name is common and begins with a T. I do tend to prefer unisex names but I won't rule anything out. I would really like to use Kate or Christine (my mother's name) as the middle name. Here are some of the names we are considering, but aren't in love with:


    Any thoughts or suggestions? All help is very much appreciate, we had such a hard time agreeing on DD1's name!


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    Re: sibling for Hadley

    I like the name Hadley and for her sister, Emery Christine would be lovely! Second choice from your list would be Tessa. Some other ideas:


    Good luck!

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    Re: sibling for Hadley

    From your list, I like Ansley Kate and Leighton Christine. To go with Hadley, I also like Maren, Greer, Rowan, and Tatum.

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    Re: sibling for Hadley

    I suggested Quinn earlier but I just thought of Quinna too, which I really like with Hadley!

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    Re: sibling for Hadley

    First I have to say, I really love, love, love the name the Hadley. I very much wanted to name our little bun in the oven that...but my husband really digged in his heels and I just gave up!

    Of the names you've listed, here are my thoughts:
    Taylor - I'm not really a fan of Taylor. Reminds me Taylor Dane still. Ok, there is little harm of others under 30 making this association, but to me, Taylor seems like Amanda - the 1990's version of Jennifer, so it just feels dated to me.

    Leighton - I liked more of your obvious unisex naming style.
    Tessa - I like; I especially like that it's not unisex so you aren't developing such an obvious naming theme (unisex surname)..but still Tessa seems like a strong name with the strong T sound at the beginning.
    Delia - I should really like this name for the same reasons as Tessa, but personally I don't, but objectively, I would say, it should be good for the same reasons as Tessa.
    Ansley - I don't know I see this name pop a lot with Avery in my older daughter and current pregnancy expecting club/playgroups. Also, I would really try to stay away from another -ley ending, simply bc it's could be confusing when yelling across to the house and two, it's just too matchy.
    Emery - you know, I want to like this name, but I just think of an emery nail file. How about Everly? Still have the -ley ending, which I don't like, but I do like Everly.

    I agree with pp that Quinn sounds good as well. I also like Finley on a girl, but again, we have the -ley ending there.

    I am also thinking Maeve for you. I don't know why since it's not really the same as your other names, but I like it.

    Harper is another option but you might want to stay away from another H.

    Ooh, how about Piper? I think that would be totally cute with Hadley.

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