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    Thoughts on this?

    So, I have been searching to find some girls names that I love just as much as my first choice (Violet) which dh won't agree to, and I feel like I might have found one- Ivy. It has some of the same sounds and it has the same vintage nature feel to me that Violet has. It has been on and off my long list for a while but all of a sudden it just clicked for me- I have never loved it as much as I am loving it now. Problem though: my older daughter is named Sophie and it feels a little too matchy to me using another name with an ee sound at the end (the fee and vee endings sound especially rhyming to me for some reason...) Adding to that, our last name is three syllables ending in an ee sound (like Bellini or Mancini) so that makes it even more matchy sounding when you say both of the names plus our last name. I would prefer their names to have completely different end sounds that complimented each other. I am kind of discouraged- I finally found another name I love but I just don't think it works in our sibset and with our last name... Does the matchiness bother you? Would you use this name despite the issues or would you keep searching? Would love some unbiased feedback. Thanks!

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    Re: Thoughts on this?

    Current Favorites (no order):
    Girls- Nora Holiday, Leonora Eveline, Nora Scotland "Scottie", Charlotte Lane, Gerda Iris, Eugenia Iris
    Boys-Nicholas Tucker, Deveraux Lewis "Dev"

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    Re: Thoughts on this?

    I don't think it would bother me with the "ee" sound on both girls names, first and last name. They rest of the name has totally different vowel sounds...BUT the other name I thought of that reminds me of Ivy is Iris--and I love BOTH of those names...Isla (Eye-la) I think goes well with Sophie too and has the "I" sound like Ivy and a different ending...Just a few ideas off the top of my head--I'll let you know if I think of more.

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    Re: Thoughts on this?

    flexiballetgirl- Thanks for the suggestions. I like Vivienne from your list and will run it by dh, but pretty sure I tried that one a few months ago and he doesn't like it.
    aacoonra- I love Isla but my friend has a little Isla so I can't use it. Iris is okay but for some reason I don't love it. I have realized recently that my favorite names seem to have the letters l and v in them. Thanks for the help.
    Anyone else have any thoughts on these two names as a sibset?

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    Re: Thoughts on this?

    I think Sophie and Ivy work really well together! I wouldn't let it bother you that your lastname ends in a similar sound - there are enough syllables to separate the sounds that I don't think it would be an issue. I think you've found you're name!

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