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    Re: Camellia vs. Magnolia

    Quote Originally Posted by dotdotdotty
    Thanks all! Just to make it clear, though, I'm not expecting - I'm a teen berry

    I think I'm sticking with Magnolia.
    Boy do we have tons in common (well, two things, I guess) already! Haha this post is great. I read the title and immediately thought, "Magnolia!" This is my favorite name at the moment, and I'm also just a teenager.
    Then, I click on the post, and you like Magnolia June nn Maggie?! That tripped my mind. My favorite girls name is Magnolia June Marie, nn "Maggie". Whoa.
    So, I guess what I'm saying is... I LOVE Magnolia June. It's beautiful. And may I just say that you have great taste in names?

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    Re: Camellia vs. Magnolia

    well I'm a little biased because my name is Camille, which is very similar to Camellia. I've always loved having the name Camille because until this year I was the only Camille at my school (I am in eleventh grade and the new Camille is in seventh, so it isn't too bad). I do think it's becoming a bit more popular, but the good thing is the nicknames. If your daughter wants a more common or boyish nickname, she could be called Cam. If she wants a more delicate one (especially when she's younger), she could be Millie (that's what my parents called me).
    The only bad thing is that many people never understand that my name is Camille NOT Camilla. So Camellia might become Camilla to some careless people. But it's never bothered me too bad.
    Anyway, I just thought I'd put my two cents in because my name is so similar! Hope this helps!

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    Re: Camellia vs. Magnolia

    I love love love Magnolia!

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    Re: Camellia vs. Magnolia

    I love Magnolia. I like Camille, Camellia and Camilla in theory, they've never really been favorites, though. Magnolia is so spunky and fresh, I love it.

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    Re: Camellia vs. Magnolia

    While Camellia is pretty, I feel like it will easily get confused with Camille and Camilla. Honestly, when I first looked at Camellia a minute ago, I thought it was Camilla.

    Magnolia June is gorgeous! So flowery and elegant. There goes my vote. Good luck!
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