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    Cecilia v. Emilia

    Cecilia & Emilia are my two favorite names. The problem with this is that once I choose one the other one is out, in my opinion since they sound so similar. I am leaning towards the thought that something about Cecilia is just a little too much to say, and the nickname Cece or Cec (pronounced: Seas), just don't flow off my tongue well. So I say Emilia, but then that is more popular for sure, even if that spelling isn't and I feel disappointed I can never used Cecilia once I make the decision.

    Sorry if that was complicated! Mostly likely mn for either would be Antoinette, after my grandmother.

    Any thoughts on deciding between those two names would be great! Thanks!

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    Re: Cecilia v. Emilia

    I love both names and how they sound, but I really am surrounded by too many Emmas and Emilys, so I'm more of a Cecilia fan. I think I'd vote Cecilia even if it weren't for the Emma popularity thing.

    2 things - 1, I don't think I'd give a nickname at all - I just like the name Cecilia as is! (and I actually am fond of nicknames).

    2. If you don't like Cece as a nn but feel she needs one, what about Lia? I feel like Lia is a sweet, fun nn.

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    Re: Cecilia v. Emilia

    I like them pretty equally so I won't vote, but do you like Cecilia better with nickname Cecily (SEHSS-il-ee)? It's a name in its own right, of course, but if you want some option I think it's there. Do you like Cecily on its own? Cecily doesn't block Emilia (to my ear). Likewise, Cecilia and Emmaline? Good luck!

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    Re: Cecilia v. Emilia

    What about the nn Cia (Sia) or Celia for Cecilia?

    Poor little Emilia would constantly be going around life saying "It's Emilia with an E"

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    Re: Cecilia v. Emilia

    I really do love Emilia (this spelling), but I've always put it aside because of the "It's Emilia, not Amelia" thing. Maybe that's just me though, 'cause I'm really picky about only picking names that don't sound like other names :lol:

    Cecilia is NMSAA. Celia, on the other hand, is lovely

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