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    A while ago I put a post on here saying we have a mixed family. My sons name is john and stepson is mason and the only name that I thought fit well is christian. Christian has been vetoed by just about everyone so I'm at the drawing board. Any opinions are greatly appreciated!

    Brooklyn Kayelle
    Lyric Kayelle
    Riannyn Kayelle
    Dh moms name is ragen which I think is adorble but grandma ragen and baby ragen seems weird to me. Maybe Rae as a nn?

    Ok for boys
    Austin Davis
    Brenton Joshua (initials?)
    Grant Davis
    Heath Davis

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    Re: brainstorming

    Aside from Brenton Joshua, I like your boy names a lot and think any of them would work. I would definitely avoid those initials. For your girls list, I like Lyric best or Rhiannon if you use this traditional spelling. I'm not crazy about Kayelle. I like Kay better or you could use Ragen in the middle spot to honor MIL.

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