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    Re: Hubby wont let go of Rory!

    I have to agree with have Rory as a nn. I love the name but I'm always worried about having short names.

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    Re: Hubby wont let go of Rory!

    I really like Rory for a girl and wish DH would get on board! (Although I too would probably use it as a nn). I think Rory was listed on the blog a few weeks ago as one of the almost evenly split unisex names, so I think it's used just as much for girls as it is for boys. To me, the sound of it is not gender specific.

    Possible middles for first name Rory:
    Rory Catherine
    Rory Charlotte
    Rory Miriam
    Rory Julianne
    Rory Cynthia
    Rory Margaret
    Rory Amelia
    Rory Savannah

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    Re: Hubby wont let go of Rory!

    I think rory is better for a nickname, but I'm not a big fan ( just mho) . If you want to spoil it for him there's always the Teasing angle which can be dragged out for just about any name, but I found it effective.
    Whorey Rory
    Lots of Gilmore references
    And the "it's a boys name"
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    Re: Hubby wont let go of Rory!

    Hi Karen! You already have many great suggestions for middle names so I'll just tell you what I think about Rory. I really want to love this name on a girl but I just don't. I do like it though and think it could definately work, I think Pam has a daugher named Rory. I have a male friend named Rory (who is 22) and so maybe he is the reason why I associate the name as being so masculine. I think for your sibset you need a feminine (but not frilly) name to go with Tess and Kaia. My favourite is still Ivy.

    PS Rory Juliet is a great combo

    Good luck!
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