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    Re: Can anyone get on board with Elma???

    Elma is just okay to me, but I do love Alma, and they are so close in variation. Alma just seems more feminine and lovely a name. When I see Elmo I do slightly think of Elmo from Sesame Street. I agree Isla is a beautiful name too. Good Luck.

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    Re: Can anyone get on board with Elma???

    I can absolutely get on board with Elma. (and even more so with Alma and Selma)
    I think Isla is way too much of a stretch to honor Elma though.

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    Re: Can anyone get on board with Elma???

    I agree with Auburn. I see no reason not to use Elma. When I first saw your thread title I wasn't sure about it, but considering how special the connection is I starting thinking about it more. Ella, Emma, Isla, Ellie, even Emily are all very similar, so why not Elma? It's a little different, but not much. Just a smoosh of Ella and Emma, really. Surely she'll have friends with similar names so she will fit in, but stand out. That's always the goal, right?

    You mentioned picking a name and then wishing you had done it differently in the future. I don't think that Isla is necessarily too much of a stretch, they're pretty similar. But (personally) I would regret that in the future, no matter how much more I might like the name Isla. Elma Christene was obviously very important to you and you want to pass on that connection to your daughter. I just know that I would wish I had gone all the way and named her Elma. If you feel like Isla honors her strongly enough, then that's all that really matters. You just have to figure out how you feel.
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    Re: Can anyone get on board with Elma???

    Would it be weird to have 2 MN with this one when we haven't done that for our other 2 DDs? This will be our last LO. I kinda like Isla June Christene--last name is like Conrad, but just don't know if its too much with sisters MaeLee Ann and Lucy Rae. I love the flow of Isla June with her sisters...what do you think with Christene tacked on the end...

    DH is willing to go with Elma just because he knows how important she was to me, but I know Isla is his favorite and I do really love that name too. I swear if we get this child named it will be a MIRACLE!

    Thanks again soooooo much for the input...I will take as much as I can get at this point!

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    Re: Can anyone get on board with Elma???

    Alma is beautiful. Elma sounds like Elmo or Elmer to me. Good luck!
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