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    Can anyone get on board with Elma???

    So we were thinking Isla Christene for DD#3--Christene after my great grandma who I was really close with and who just recently passed away (@ 102 years old!). BUT now, we are LOVING the MN June, but I REALLY wanted to incorporate some part of my great grandma's name for this LO. Her full name was Elma Christene. I've never been a huge fan on the name Elma, but it has grown on me recently. What do you all think of it? Or do you have any other ideas on ways to honor her, but still use the name June as a MN? I've thought of Zelma and Selma which I actually think I could get on board with--DH may be a harder sell, but was just wondering if anyone has any *bright* ideas since you all are so talented...

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    Re: Can anyone get on board with Elma???

    June is a great middle : D.

    I'm afraid Elma's rather hard for me to hear still, and I think it might be tough for a little girl to wear. I do think Alma's a little more ready for her comeback than Elma, but still way ahead of the curve of names coming back in (maybe that's a plus though : D). Selma I think is more accessible because of Selma Hayek, although still mildly tough. I prefer Selma to Zelma. I can also see Ella or Emma honoring Elma - both are hugely in of course if that bothers you, and maybe that's too much of a stretch. Elsa is less hugely in style right now, but again too much of a stretch for you? I think Emma, Ella, and Elsa are all nice names and to me they would work to honor Elma.

    What else...Amelia, Emilia, and Emmaline would all contain all the letters of Elma. There might be more that do that.

    Also I don't know if it's your style but Christa June is really nice to me and Christa combines something from Elma and Christene. Christina June is really pretty too but from what I read here I'd imagine Christina is "napping" for most people, is it for you? Christiana June? Christine June is nice but probably a lot of -n.

    Hope that helps : D!

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    Re: Can anyone get on board with Elma???

    The previous poster had alot of great ideas! I thought i would add that you could giver her a first name starting with El-, then give her a middle name starting with Ma-, so that her close family and friends could call her Elma, without that being her name. Something like:
    Eloise Matilda
    Elsa Mae
    Eleanor Maisie
    Ella Margaret
    Eliza Madeleine
    Elise Magnolia
    Elspeth Maeve
    Elena Margo

    anyways, there are endless possibilities and i think the idea of any of those names listed above with the nn Elma could be really cute - keeping the name "up to date", while still honoring someone you love! Best of both worlds!

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    Re: Can anyone get on board with Elma???

    What about Isla Maris (Ma from Elma and Is from Christene)? Eye-la mariss. Or Isla Mariel (Ma and El from Elma but sadly nothing from Christene). I prefer Alma to Elma but Elma certainly has that vintage quality that I love.
    All the best,

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    Re: Can anyone get on board with Elma???

    What about 2 middle names?

    Christiana Elma June Lastname (Christy/Ana/Elma/Junie)

    Elma is from Wilhelmina, which has a ton of variations:
    Billa, Billee, Billey, Billie, Billy, Ellma, Elma, Guglielma, Guillelmina, Guillelmine, Guillema, Guillemette, Guillemine, Helma, Helmina, Felmine, Helminette, Min, Mina, Minna, Minnie, Minny, Valma, Velma, Vilhelmina, Villhelmina, Villhelmine, Vilma, Wileen, Willene, Wilhelmine, Willa, Willabella, Willabelle, Willamina, Willamine, Willeen, Willene, Willemina, Willetta, Willette, Williamina, Willie, Williebelle, Wilmette, Willmina, Willmine, Willy, Willybella, Wilma, Wilmette, Wilmina, Wilna and Wylma.

    Isla Cristine (Mina)
    Velma June (Vivi)
    Christina Willa (Willa)
    Willette June (Juni, Willa)
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