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    POLL - GGG Triplet Names

    Didn't know there was a poll option.... Cool!

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    I like Annmarie, Isabella is very common but pretty but not a huge fan of Gemma.

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    It's a nice set, but I'd probably make a couple of slight changes - either change Annamarie to Annamaria so that all three endings match, or change Isabella to Isabel so all three endings are different and one doesn't stick out. Just my weird nitpicky thing. Haha. (If Annamaria is too long at five syllables, maybe Annemaria? I used to really love Ann-Maria as a double barreled name.)

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    I love it! Isabella, Annamarie, and Gemma are so sweet and girly together. They're very different popularity-wise, but I still think they work perfectly as a triplet set.
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    Isabella is simply everywhere. I like Gemma. And don't mind Annmarie. But if originality is a concern then Isabella should possibly be looked at again.

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