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    Little girl #3 arriving soon!

    Hi berries,

    My husband and I are expecting our third daughter in about a month. We are super excited! The hubby, unfortunately, isn't really in to names. It's like pulling teeth, whereas I am a woman on a mission! Our first two are Adelle Mae and Amelia (Millie) June. Last name sounds like Johnson. We are going to name our third Lucy. Although Lucy is not my first pick, I do like it, and it took us a long time to agree on something, so Lucy she shall be. We are having a hard time finding a suitable middle (Something that has NOTHING to do with a month!). So far, we've come up with two options:

    Lucy Pearl


    Lucy Camilla

    I also like Claire and Grace, but eclair is a little silly, and Grace is overdone. Do either of these work? Any other ideas? Help a hormonal woman! :roll:

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