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    Re: Little girl #3 arriving soon!

    Thanks so much for the ideas! I really love some of these name suggestions! Many have been vetoed early on, but it's nice to know I'm on the same page as a lot of you. It looks like of the two we had considered, Pearl is the clear winner here. I love it as a middle name. I think my husband leans a little more towards Camilla, but we both want something that rolls nicely off the tongue, so maybe he'll go for it yet.

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    Re: Little girl #3 arriving soon!

    Quote Originally Posted by leahjensen
    Okay, I'm laughing at myself for not just saying my last name. I'm, uh, pretty sure you can figure it out.
    I admit, I giggled a little. :-)

    I like Lucy Pearl too. I also like Camilla, but I feel like if you did that, her first name should be Lucille, not sure why. Like, Lucille Pearl. Instead of putting Camilla there. I am not wording this well to get my point across.

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    Re: Little girl #3 arriving soon!

    Lucy Pearl is just beautiful!

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    Re: Little girl #3 arriving soon!

    Lucy Pearl (or Lucille Pearl as another suggested) are both great and sound good with your other daughters names.

    With Camilla, I feel like you are repeating sounds of Adelle and Amelia/Millie. Yes, it's only in the mn spot, but still... Pearl is a better fit !

    Congrats on #3
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    Re: Little girl #3 arriving soon!

    Another vote for Lucy Pearl! Perfect!
    Love Adelle Mae and Amelia June too
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