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    Re: Little girl #3 arriving soon!

    I love Lucy, (lol) and I love Lucy Pearl!

    However, just for brainstorming sake:

    Some names that are similar to Claire, but not "Eclaire"
    Clara (as mentioned already - I love this name, personally)

    Grace names that are not as common:
    Charis (which I think is greek for Grace) - also Charissa
    Gratia (latin for grace, I think, pronounced Gray-sha, like Martia)
    Gracia (same pronunciation as above)

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    Re: Little girl #3 arriving soon!

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    Re: Little girl #3 arriving soon!

    I really love Lucy Pearl. It flows well and is very pretty.

    My daughter's name is Lucy Annabel. Congrats on girl #3...we are having #3 in June and I think it's going to be another girl as well! (No names yet, though!)
    Mommy to Carys Elizabeth, Lucy Annabel, and Isla Catherine

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    Re: Little girl #3 arriving soon!

    Lucy Pearl is really pretty. I'm not a big fan of Pearl, but it works. Here are some other ideas in case you're interested:

    Lucy Violet
    Lucy Charlotte
    Lucy Anabel
    Lucy Carys
    Lucy Scarlet
    Girls: Lucy, Nora, Ivy, Mae, Willow, Rose, Nessa
    Boys: Felix, Philip, Owen, Flynn, Dexter, Henry, Rory, Finlay

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