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    Harry Potter Quiz CAF

    Answer the questions to find out guidelines for naming your children.
    Initials only apply to first and middle name, last name from namebank.

    YOU: New name with your same initials
    Spouse: New name with same initials as your favorite character.

    LN: Braxton, Callister, Ellery, Fairchild, Flannery, Glade, O'Fallon, Talcott, Wellington, Yardley

    CHILD 1: What house from Hogwarts is your favorite?

    Gryffindor: Boy with initials GR.
    Slytherin: Boy with intials SN.
    Hufflepuff: Girl with initials HF.
    Ravenclaw: Girl with intials RW.

    CHILDREN 2 AND 3 (boy/girl twins):
    Which book was your favorite?

    The first: Initials are AB and BC.
    The second: Intials are BC and CD.
    The third: Initials are CD AND DE.
    The fourth: Intials are DE and EF.
    The fifth: Initials are EF and FG.
    The sixth: Initials are FG and GH.
    The seventh: Initials are GH and HI

    CHILD 4:
    Which of these classes would be your favorite?
    Potions: Boy with repeating initials (AA, BB, etc...)
    Divination : Girl with consecutive initials different from the twin siblings (AB, CD, etc...)
    Care of Magical creatures: Boy sharing the initials of one of the parents.
    Defense against the Dark arts: Your choice of gender, with two vowels as initials (AE, EI, etc...)
    Charms: Boy with one syllable first and middle name.
    History of magic: Boy with Classic but popular first name and an ancient middle name that is rarely used.
    Transfiguration: Girl with reversed syllables of one of the siblings
    Other: Pick from Today's Popular Names or names searched right now.

    Child 5: Books or movies, which do you like better?
    Books: Boy with intials AL
    Movies: Girl with initials KD.
    Both: Your choice of gender, sharing initials of someone you know.

    List your family!

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    Boys: Bellamy | Bruno | Caspar | Jude | Kennedy | Kitt | Ludo | Samuel | Stellan | William | Xavier

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