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Thread: Requirements

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    LN: a street name in your town

    DH46: First name is a guilty pleasure of yours, middle is a male interpretation of your mother's name

    DW45: First name sounds like a babysitter from the 80s and middle name is pretty, soft, and gentle.
    (NEE: Starts with Br)

    DD25: FN is biblical and MN is floral, but not common
    LN: A state or country name
    -DH29: FN starts with L, MN is your sibling or friends name
    --DS4: FN is sharp and smart, MN is goofy, friendly
    --DD1: FN & MN start and end with same letter

    DS22a/DS22b: Both boys have rhyming FN and MN are your choice
    -DW21a: FN is literary, MN rhymes with Play
    (NEE: One syllable and starts with a vowel
    --DDnb: FN is clunky & dated, MN is very common of people you've met.

    -DH24b: FN a known celebrity name, MN bold
    (LN: An object name)

    DS20: FN is historical and MN is royal, modern
    -DGF19: FN is bubbly, MN is edgy and brooding
    (LN: ends in -er)
    --DDexp: FN from a woman in your family, MN is wintry)

    DD/DD/DD16: Their FN initials go in ABC order like PQR or ZAB, MN are all outdoorsy & tomboyish

    DS14: FN reminds you of fast things/speed, MN is unigender

    DD/DS13: Their FN are both 4 syllables MN are the male/female alternates of each other.

    Dog: Color name that is not a common human name

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    Maclean Angelo Curtis and his wife of 21 years, Jennifer Cosette Curtis (Brigham) are happy grandparents & parents to a complete zoo of people who have all showed up for Jenny's birthday. Their eldest daughter - Eden Hyacinth Maine and her husband Luca Joseph are in town from the midwest with their 4 year old son Dax Calvin & his baby sister Bailey Bethany. Their twins - now 22 - are also both married. Hale Oxford has brought his wife along - Margaret (Margot) Mae (Ash) and they've just had a baby who is meeting grandma and grandpa for the first time, since they live so far. Her name is Ester Anna. Hale's twin Dale Butler has brought along his husband, Beckham Jagger Carr. The Curtis' 20 year old son is home from the military - his name is Lincoln William. He has brought his girlfriend Saskia Roux Carver. She is expecting their daughter any day now. Her name will be Glory Snow.

    The Curtis triplets - 16 and driving now - will be making an appearance before scattering off to their various activities and social engagements. Their names are Norah River, Olive Harbor, and Piper Sage.

    Truly happy to be here, on his iPhone playing games and listening to edgy rock music, is Jett Fallon who is as 14 as any boy could be. He is busy trying to distance himself in every way from his 14-month-younger siblings, Josephina Alexandra and Leonardo Xander

    The birthday celebration would not be complete without the Curtis' old black lab, Plum


    Mac & Jenny
    +Eden & Luca with Dax, Bailey
    +Hale & Margot with Ester
    +Dale & Beck
    +Link & Sassy with soon-to-be Glory
    +Norah, Olive, Piper
    +Josey & Leo
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    LN: Sandusky

    DH(46): Gable "Gabe" Don
    DW(45): Jenna Cecily

    DD(25): Tabitha Dahlia
    LN: Ireland
    -DH29: Laurence David
    --DS4: Niall Quincy
    --DD1: Coralie "Cora" Charlotte

    DS(22)a: Jasper Theodore
    -DW(21)a: Stella Fae (NEE: Ives)
    --DD(nb): Gertrude "Trudy" Rose

    DS(22)b: Leander "Leo" Edmund
    -DH24b: Benedict "Ben" Rex (LN: Reed)

    DS(20): Frederick "Fred" Henry
    -DGF(19): Lucy Lenore (LN: Wilder)
    --DD(exp): Evelyn Holly

    DD/DD/DD16: Cecily River, Dahlia Sky, & Eliza Blaise

    DS14: Ford Landry

    DD/DS13: Georgiana "Ana" Charlotte & Demetrius "Demetri" Charles

    Dog: Army (like army green)

    Gabe & Jenna
    -Tabitha & Laurence with Niall & Cora
    -Jasper & Stella with Trudy
    -Leo & Ben
    -Fred & Lucy with Evelyn
    -Cecily, Dahlia, & Eliza
    -Ana & Demetri
    Current Favorites:

    Frederick Laurence - Edmund Carlisle - Theodore Earnest - Charles Edgar -
    James Leander - Nathaniel Quincy - Laurence Niall - Earnest Wilder

    Cecily Violet - Georgiana Blythe - Lucy Isobel - Eliza Ruby -
    Lillian Mae - Matilda Irene - Tabitha Charlotte - Eleanor Patience

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    LN: Stevens

    DH46: Riker Martin *Ike*
    DW45: Stephanie Nell Breckenridge

    DD25: Delilah Jonquil *Lilah*
    LN: Norway
    -DH29: Leland Alexander
    --DS4: Jethro Gibson
    --DD1: Laurel Willow

    DS22a/DS22b: Leo Jasper & Theo Caspar
    -DW21a: Scout Renee Ames
    --DDnb: Odetta Michelle *Etta*

    -DH24b: Kieffer Ridgley Poet

    DS20: Augustus William
    -DGF19: Maisie Morrigan Schaeffer
    --DDexp: Mabel Snow

    DD/DD/DD16: Nora Aspen & Oona Skylar & Phoebe Linden

    DS14: Dash Parker

    DD/DS13: Felicity Christiana & Huckleberry Christian *Huck*

    Dog: Beige
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    Oct 2012
    South Carolina
    DH: (46) Jasper Lawrence Hemingway
    DW: (45) Michelle Rose Hemingway (NEE: Brady)
    -DD1: (25) Rachel Acacia Holland
    --DH: (29) Leonard Jason HollandLeo
    ---DS1 (4) Theodore Zane HollandTheo
    ---DD1 (1): Mia Melina Holland
    -DS1: (22) Kyler Nicholas Hemingway
    --DW: (21) Matilda Mae Hemingway (NEE: York)
    ---DD1: (nb) Agatha Nicole Hemingway
    -DS2: (22) Tyler Christopher Hemingway
    --DH(S2): (24) Ashton Ian Charger
    -DS3: (20) Jefferson William HemingwayJeff
    --DGF: (19) Macy Blaise Fletcher
    ---DD1: (exp) Jane December Hemingway
    -DD2: (16) Ellie River Hemingway
    -DD3: (16) Francie Aspen Hemingway
    -DD4: (16) Gracie Fisher Hemingway
    -DS4: (14) Dashiell Oakley HemingwayDash
    -DD5: (13) Zachariah Liam Hemingway "Zach"
    -DS5: (13) Esmerelda Leah Hemingway "Esme"
    Dog: Orange
    🎀❤️ Mama to Korra Jane 06/21/2017 ❤️🎀

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