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    Descriptions CAF: 12 kids

    Last Name: Starts with P
    DH: First name starts with a vowel and ends in a consonant/Middle name honors a late musician
    DW: First name is more common as surname / Middle name ends in y [Maiden name: A Flower]
    DS1: First name honors mother’s middle name / Middle name is ends in n
    DS2: First name is that of a prince or king (real or fictional) / Middle name is a book character’s last name
    DS3: First name ends in a vowel / Middle name is four letters long
    DS4: First name is a modern singer’s first name / Middle name shares two letters in common with the first name
    DD1: First name is feminine with a masculine middle / Middle name is a K name that usually starts with C
    DD2: First name is a “feminine” spelling of a boy name (Brandyn, Logyn, Jordyn, etc.) / Middle name is a new, invented name
    DS5: First name is from a kids’ cartoon / Middle name ends in -ley
    DD3: First name is a gem or gemstone / Middle name ends in -eigh
    DD4: First name starts and ends in the same letter / Middle name ends in -een or -ine
    DD5: First name is masculine with a feminine nickname / Middle name is French
    DD6: First name ends in -ie / Middle name starts with E
    DD7: First name is a name that was popular in the 70’s / Middle name is a book character’s name

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    LN: Panello
    DH: Asher Bowie Panello
    DW: Foster Emily Panello née Rose

    DS1: Emmett Lennon Panello
    DS2: Arthur Gatsby Panello
    DS3: Guthrie Knox Panello
    DS4: Mars Atticus Panello
    DD1: Odette Kalloway Panello
    DD2: Wylda Ellamy Panello
    DS5: Sylvester Huxley Panello
    DD3: Pearl Everleigh Panello
    DD4: Elodie Sabine Panello
    DD5: Lucian Matisse Panello "Lulu"
    DD6: Reverie Edith Panello "Revi"
    DD7: Mary Ramona Panello
    Bohème ❋ Marigold ❋ Florence ❋ Kahlo ❋ Luella ❋ Valentine ❋ Agnes ❋ Zetta ❋ Reverie ❋ Odette ❋ Adelaide ❋ Elodie ❋ Juniper Matisse ❋ Colette ❋ Beatrix ❋ Fable ❋ Anaïs
    Etienne ❋ Wilder ❋ Brahms ❋ Shepherd ❋ Thoreau ❋ Laszlo ❋ Knox ❋ Thatcher ❋ Guthrie ❋ Viggo ❋ Huxley ❋ Orion ❋ Atticus Arthur ❋ Wolf ❋ Cassius ❋ Griffin ❋ Asher
    Cove ❋ Bowie ❋ Welles ❋ Toulouse ❋ River ❋ Arlo ❋ Fox ❋ Easton ❋ Nico ❋ Ziggy ❋ Soul ❋ Luca ❋ Franklin ❋ Ever ❋ Sawyer Sage ❋ James ❋ August ❋ Lennon ❋ Bear

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