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    Androgynous Name Quiz, Family of 6

    SPOUSE 1
    First Name
    What kind of pets do you have?
    Dog: Ocean
    Cat: Matisse
    Fish: Kai
    Turtle: Alexis
    Lizard: Riley
    Bird: Jamie
    Horse: Mica
    Multiple: Devon
    Other: Toni
    None: Jordan

    Middle Name
    Which mythical creature do you like the most?
    Mermaid: Casey
    Griffin: Max
    Fairy: Teagan
    Nymph: Hudson
    Dragon: Taylor
    Unicorn: Kim
    Pegasus: Phoenix
    Other: Yuki
    None: Elliott

    SPOUSE 2
    First Name
    What would you most likely spend money on?
    Gifts for others: Peyton
    Books: Frankie
    Food: Ryan
    Clothes: Charlie
    Stationery Supplies: Quinn
    Classes: Sloan
    Other: London

    Middle Name
    Do you like airports?
    Yes: Sage
    No: Skye
    Sometimes: Blake
    I’ve never been to an airport: Dominique

    CHILD 1
    First Name
    How do you get around most often?
    Walk: Lee
    Bike: Dakota
    Car: Jessie
    Boat: Glen
    Plane: Ariel
    Subway: Rowan
    Bus: Cadey
    Other: Leo

    Middle Name
    Where would you most likely go at a museum?
    Impressionist art wing: Kim
    Abstract art wing: Jude
    Ancient Greek and Roman wing: Emerson
    Ancient Egyptian wing: Finch
    Ancient Chinese wing: Casey
    Animal wing: Sam
    Cafeteria: Ray
    Gift Shop: Gale
    Other: Zola

    CHILD 2
    First Name
    Which season is your favorite?
    Winter: Theo
    Spring: Wren
    Summer: Dillon
    Fall: Micah
    No opinion: Piper

    Middle Name
    Which archetype do you most resemble?
    Hero: Pax
    Sidekick: Finley
    Villain: Parker
    Other: Brett

    CHILD 3
    First Name
    Which dessert is your favorite?
    Cookies: Francis
    Cake: Sunny
    Icecream: Akiva
    Brownies: Reese
    Pie: Pat
    Other: Hikaru
    None: Rory

    Middle Name
    Which quality do you dislike the most?
    Envy: Gray
    Anger: Autumn
    Spite: Noel
    Lust: Max
    Other: Piper

    CHILD 4
    First Name
    Do you prefer the beach or the pool?
    Beach: Val/ Abi
    Pool: Eden/ Stevie
    Neither: Sparrow/ Noor

    Middle Name
    Do you own a computer?
    Yes: Jian/ Merle
    No: Mallory/ Hayden
    I share one with someone else: Cooper/ Paris

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    DW: Ocean Yuki
    DH: Ryan Blake

    DS1: Jessie Finch
    DS2: Wren Parker
    DS3: Sunny Gray
    DS4: Abi Merle

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    Newark, NY
    DH: Devon Max
    DW: Peyton Sage

    DS1: Jessie Emerson
    DS2: Micah Finley
    DD1: Akiva Autumn
    DD2: Eden Jian

    * Devon & Peyton with Jessie, Micah, Akiva, and Eden *
    ruby marguerite . clara madeline . georgia rachel . june dorothy . hannah lillian
    daniel ryan . felix asher. evan matthew . elliot robert . tobias frederick

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