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    Re: Who are your students?

    Your students names are:

    Duke, Brandon
    York, Hannah
    Lawrence, Patrick
    Phillips, Xavier
    Tindall, Faith
    Armstrong, Shelley
    Chatton, Lucas
    Ulster, Fiona
    Lewis, Andrew
    Gilman, Joshua
    Kent, Noelle
    Windsor, Uriah
    Ogilvy, Anna-Claire
    Witt, Tatum
    Stock, Owen
    Mathieson, Devin
    Key, Isabella
    O'Neal, Nathan
    Bush, Ryan
    Meade, Kaylee
    Cranfield, Yessica
    Gonzalez, Zachary
    Haue, Valerie
    Thornton, Nicole
    Fergusson, Everett

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    Re: Who are your students?

    Duke, Bronwen
    York, Hallie
    Lawrence, Paige
    Phillips, Ximena
    Tindall, Fiona
    Armstrong, Sawyer
    Chatton, Libby
    Ulster, Faith
    Lewis, Ava
    Gilman, Juliana
    Kent, Norah
    Windsor, Uma
    Ogilvy, Alexa-Clare
    Witt, Theodore "Teddy"
    Stock, Oliver
    Mathieson, David
    Key, Iago
    O'Neal, Nolan
    Bush, Reagan (his parents are Republicans!)
    Meade, Keegan
    Cranfield, Yale
    Gonzalez, Zeke
    Haue, Victor
    Thornton, Nicholas
    Fergusson, Elton
    **Proud mama to Owen McCabe and Eloise Mairead aka "Lola Mae" **

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    Re: Who are your students?

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